Watch Iggy Azalea and Kash Doll “Fuck It Up” in Teasing Video (Review)

There is not a dull video by Iggy Azalea and this new collaboration titled “Fuck It Up” with Kash Doll is good enough proof of that.

In this brand new release, Iggy Azalea teams up with Detroit-native rapper and model Kash Doll for a fun-tastic music video. Compared to Iggy’s previous releases this year, such as “Sally Walker” and “Started,” her monster curves are not alone in this music video. Kash Doll, too, joins hands with Iggy to flaunt some massive curves in tight clothing.

The video follows a cinematic theme where Iggy comes across an old high school friend and decides to go to their upcoming high school reunion. Iggy does not fail to invite her BFF from high school-Kash. On their journey to that reunion, some extraterrestrial adventures befall the two friends.

When the two girls do make it to the reunion ball, they come to realize that their lives are way better than that of their friends. Most girls are still ugly and the rest are pregnant. Iggy and Kash have the time of their lives dancing away into the night. They have most certainly not “Fuck It Up” in their lives so far!

This music comes out from Iggy Azalea’s brand new album ‘In My Defense’ released on July 19, 2019. The 12-track album features artists such as Juicy J, Lil Yatchy and Kash Doll. You can purchase the album on Apple Music now.

What are your favourite tracks from the new ‘In My Defense’ album? Drop a comment below.

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