Drake is No Match for Chris Brown in Dancing in “No Guidance” Video

The much anticipated “No Guidance” music video dropped on 27th July and its a cinematic. The 9-minute music video shows a fierce dance-off between the two collaborators-Chris Brown and Drake.

“No Guidance” music video settles the rumours of a feud between Drake and Chris Brown, as they team up for an epic new song out of Chris Brown’s latest album ‘Indigo.’ Directed by Chris Robinson, the music video shows a dance battle between the two artists hyped up by their own crew, but one team befalls a humiliating defeat.

There is little to no doubt about the dancing skills of Chris Brown as he has showcased time in and out in his music videos and live shows. His energetic and flexible moves can keep the viewer entertained and fixated. But, can we say the same thing for the Toronto-native 6 God-Drake? While Drake has had better-selling singles than Chris Brown, he is not much of a suave mover.

In a club setting, these two artists face-off and as one could have predicted, Drake suffers a humiliating defeat. However, it does not turn ugly thereafter. Drake accepts his defeat and gives his compliments to Chris Brown admitting he is the better dancer. So, hats off to the concept!

You can watch the ridiculous dance moves by Drake in the music video below.

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