chris brown indigo album review

Chris Brown Announces ‘Indigo’ Album (Songs review, tracklist, artwork, features and lyrics)

‘Indigo’ is the ninth studio album by Chris Brown and is expected to release on June 28, 2019.

‘Indigo’ had three singles as of June 2019; “Undecided,” “Back To Love” and “Wobble Up” featuring G-Eazy and Nicki Minaj. Another highly anticipated promotional single “No Guidance” was released on June 8, 2019, featuring Drake.

The album is said to contain 30 track coinciding with Chris Brown’s age in 2019, hence some of the titles below are unconfirmed yet.

  1. Indigo
  2. Back to Love
  3. Come Together* (Ft. H.E.R.)
  4. Temporary Lover* (Ft. Lil Jon)
  5. Emerald (Ft. Juicy J & Juvenile)
  6. Burgundy
  7. Red
  8. All I Want Is (Ft. Tyga)
  9. Wobble Up (Ft. G-Eazy & Nicki Minaj)
  10. Keep a Stack (Ft. Joyner Lucas & Lil Wayne)
  11. Heat* (Ft. Gunna)
  12. No Guidance (Ft. Drake)
  13. Girl of My Dreams
  14. Natural Disaster
  15. Aura
  16. Don’t Check On Me (Ft. IDK & Justin Bieber)
  17. Sorry Enough
  18. Juice
  19. Cheetah
  20. Undecided
  21. BP
  22. No Judgement
  23. Side Nigga
  24. Throw It Back
  25. All on Me
  26. Sexy* (Ft. Trey Songz)
  27. Let’s Smoke
  28. Early 2k (Ft. Tank)
  29. You Like That
  30. Troubled Waters
  31. Take a Risk
  32. Lurkin’ (Ft. Tory Lanez)
  33. Trust Issues* (Ft. Sage The Gemini)
  34. Act In
  35. Part of the Plan
  36. Play Catch Up
  37. Fear God
‘Indigo’ album artwork (Image: Genius)

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