5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

5 Seconds of Summer just premiered what could be their darkest song to-date. The new release, titled “Teeth,” is not all about dentistry. But a rather deep-rooted issue of heart canals.

“Teeth” is the second single off of 5SOS’s upcoming fourth studio album. The song follows the lead single of the album “Easier” released in May 2019. The band teased the title of the song with a picture of a person screaming to show his teeth.

Later on, 5SOS member Michael Clifford also shared a photo of him showing his teeth to promote the single.

This song will also be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming third season of 13 Reasons Why TV series.

The music video, directed by Thibaut Duverneix, shows many dark and twisted imagery to enforce the mental chaos that is sung in the lyrics of this song. In the music video, we see each member of 5SOS struggling with different issues. Luke Hemmings is stuck in a room filled with smoke. He can’t find an escape and he is losing his mind. Calum Hood is held tied to a heavy block. He cannot move on with the block anchoring him down. Later on the video, we see him destroying the block with his guitar, signifying that music could be a lifesaver at times.

Ashton Irwin is stuck in a tunnel. He cannot seem to find his way out in a chaos filled environment. Michael Clifford is trying to climb a ladder to get out of the darkness he is stuck in. The ladder seems to be infinite, extending on and on.

Listen to the brand new single and watch the eerie music video below.

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The lyrics to “Teeth” talk about an absolutely devastating relationship. There is much dilemma in the dynamics of their relationship. In the first verse, Luke sings that on some days this girl is the only person that he knows in the world and who keeps him warm in the cold nights. On other days, she becomes a total distant stranger. Playing on the two opposite ends of a relationship spectrum, this love has got the singers losing their sanities.

Every night they have their routine fights over everything and in the morning she calls and apologizes. The fights can be cruel and apologies sweeter, but everything gives the singer butterflies in his stomach.

Some days, she becomes total wifey material and other days she becomes a total nightmare to tolerate. Even worse so, she continues to push him away. Worst of all, she does not let him go. She has her strings and hooks sunk pretty deep inside this man and with them, she is able to manipulate him to her whim!

A heart with teeth is a reference to a personality that is toxic and aggressive. Teeth are used to bite and the heart is often used to symbolize the most sensitive area of a human. Putting these two together forms an unnatural dynamic in this girl’s personality.

Let us hear what you think about this new single and the exceptionally creative music video by 5 Seconds of Summer in the comments below.

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