Taylor Swift’s “Lover” Video Will Give You All Kinds of Swoon Feels+Easter Eggs

We have already established that the brand new single “Lover” is one of the best works by Taylor Swift, not from her upcoming seventh studio album, but even from her entire discography. It is only right that the song gets an even more amazing music video.

Taylor Swift appeared on Good Morning America on August 22nd and announced that the “Lover” music video will release at night on the same day. We kind of had wishful thinking that Taylor’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn might appear in the music video. But oh well! Instead, Christian Owens joins the video as Taylor’s counterpart.

Directed by Drew Kirsch and Taylor Swift herself, the “Lover” music video takes us into a dollhouse of visions. Each window narrates a scene parallel to the lyrics of the song. The dollhouse vision appears inside of a snowglobe held by a little girl, whom we, later on, find out, is the daughter of Taylor and Owens. There is Christmas spirit all-around, and the video just gives you all sorts of cuddly feelings.

In different windows, in the dollhouse, we see different scenarios unfolding. Most of them include Taylor Swift playing different guitars, which we don’t mind because in the lyrics she sings; “With every guitar string scar on my hand/I take this magnetic force of a man/To be my lover…”

And the big reveal is the “dirtiest jokes” by Taylor’s lover to her; “Why did the ketchup blush? She saw the salad dressing.” Come on, Joe!

Watch the music video below.

Easter Eggs on “Lover” Music Video

It’s not like Taylor Swift deviated from her usual sneaky easter eggs game even in this romance-filled “Lover” music video. In a scrabble game, the two lovers are playing, we see the words “After Glow” matched, which is a song on her new album. On a dice game box, the phrase “Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes,” is written. We could assume these are a part of the lyrics of some new song from the album. There are also multiple sightings of Taylor’s new kitten Benjamin Button.

The fishbowl window also reveals an important aspect of Taylor’s life. A glass fishbowl is an item used to display the fish in it for everyone. Taylor might be saying that her life has become so public due to her superstardom. She has no privacy. But her lover understands this and jumps right into the fishbowl, in the video, and in real life as well.

When Taylor Swift gets jealous over Owens talking to another girl at their Christmas-eve party, Taylor goes into the attic to be alone. Owens follows her and at base of the ladder to get to the attic, there is a rack full of yellow clothes. Yellow colour has very contrasting meanings associated with feelings. In one hand, yellow represents happiness, hope, positivity and energy, whereas it could also mean caution, sickness and jealousy. In the video, the yellow dresses could mean that Taylor is quite jealous of what happened during the party. But as soon as Owens joins Taylor in the attic, all her sadness goes away–happiness and hope!

At the beginning of the video we just see a little girl peeking into the snowglobe. Instant gut feeling is that this is Taylor Swift as a little girl. But at the end of the video, we see that she is actually the daughter of Taylor Swift and Christian Owens. This could be tied with the lyric from the song “have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?”


From the 2 minute mark on the music video, we see Taylor Swift wearing a sparkly headband. On it is the word “amour” written. According to the Merriam Dictionary, ‘amour’ means “a usually illicit love affair.” We most certainly know that Taylor would not randomly pick a headband with a word that she does not want to be shown. If so, what could this all mean? Drop a comment below.

We could so see the “Lover” song becoming a wedding song!

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