The Complete Guide to Starting a Band: Everything Worth Knowing

When you’re thinking about starting a band, there are some basics you need to know that are going to be the difference between your band being the discontinued One Direction and the everlasting iconic Kiss.

Being in a band isn’t only cool but you can make some serious cash if you’re good. Get your act together and you’ve got a real shot at stardom. Continue reading to learn how to form a band that’s going to rock.

The 411 on Starting a Band

Whether you make your own album cover or you have a professional design the cover, the following things are the most important things you should remember. The look of your band is one thing but the following tips will help you get the “bones” of the band in the right place.

Find People You Vibe With

When you’re in a band, you’re going to spend a lot of time with these people. While you don’t have to be best friends, it does help you get along. You don’t have to know the people in your band for a long time but it can be helpful.

Find Your Sound

Finding your sound is going to happen naturally over time but you should talk about your influences and figure out what sound you’re going for. As you’re practising, you’ll likely start to notice the genre you’re gravitating toward.

Determine Where You’ll Practice

If you’re going to get good, you’re going to need plenty of time to practice your music uninterrupted. You want to find a place that people aren’t going to complain about the noise, somewhere that isn’t a far drive for band members and somewhere that isn’t going to mess with your sound.

Can you think of a place?

Start Writing Your Songs

Now that you’re ready to start practising, you need to add some songs to practice. Who is going to be your songwriter? Get them started on writing some songs for your band.

Some people don’t mind some input and brainstorming about their writing but other people aren’t so receptive. Make sure you find out if your songwriter wants feedback and help or if you should keep quiet until they ask for feedback.

Play Some Gigs

Now that you’ve gotten the above things taken care of, you’re ready for your first gig. Yes, you might be shaking in your boots and worried about how you’re going to sound, but you’ve got to do it sometime.

The more practice you have in front of an audience, the more comfortable you are going to be when you play your next gig.

Go Beyond the Beginning

Now that you know more about starting a band, why stop learning there? We have other articles that can help you in life and business so you can move your band toward success.

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