Halsey – Clementine (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Halsey’s 25th birthday comes with a gift for her fans, as the hitmaker released a brand new single and music video titled “Clementine” on Sunday.

The “Without Me” star has been dropping new singles throughout 2019 leading to the release of her upcoming third studio album ‘Manic.’ So far we have seen “Nightmare,” “Without Me” and “Graveyard” singles from this album, expected in early 2020.

“Clementine” single and video was released on September 29, 2019, on the day of 25th birthday of Ashley Frangipane AKA Halsey. The music video consists of a beautifully choreographed dance routine with the assistance of her brother Sevian Frangipane. Leading up to the song’s release, Halsey only hinted at her upcoming birthday in several Tweets and Instagram posts. Watch the music video below.

“Clementine” lyrics are a beautifully crafted work on the fragile mind of Halsey going through some turbulent emotions in a relationship. We hear her screaming “I don’t need anyone” several times in the chorus of the song.

In the first verse of “Clementine,” the singer gives an insight into her mind in this specific situation of deteriorating relationship she is in. In Halsey’s head, she is 7 feet tall, standing above all. No one dares to break her heart–the boys and even the girls. In her world, the sky is not blue, a colour often associated with the emotions of sadness and emptiness. Her sky is violent rain, which alludes to the chaos in her mind. Halsey admits that in her head, there is constant change, mostly bad (“breakdown” and “blackout”) than good (“breakthrough”).

The second verse alludes to the human nature of Halsey. She questions her lover if he feels the same emotions she does when they are together. She feels the rush of the blood and hair standing on her body when he touches her. She wonders if he feels the same way. The only sign that she can read is the blush on his cheeks.

‘808 beats’ refer to the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, often shortened to “808” is a drum machine that ws heavily used in the 80s tracks.

The reference to a ‘mezzanine’ floor could be a hint at Halsey’s current boyfriend Dominic better known by his stage name YUNGBLUD. He posted a snippet on Instagram in June 2019, captioned “will you meet me at the mezzanine at 3? 🖤” The two artists confirmed their relationship in early 2019.

In the bridge of “Clementine,” Halsey draws some contrasting features in her emotions. Her face is said to be covered from spiderwebs of the colours Yellow and Blue. As much as the colour blue represents sadness and emptiness, the colour yellow represents hope and brightness. Even with a face covered in spiderwebs, which would hinder her vision, she still only sees this lover she is in a relationship with.

Let us hear what you think about this brand new song and music video by Halsey. Also, wish Halsey a happy birthday in the comments below.

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