Kanye West – Up From The Ashes (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Up From The Ashes” is a brand new song by Kanye West from his upcoming ninth studio album ‘Jesus Is King.’ The song was supposed to release on September 29, 2019, along with the album, however, has been pushed back to an unknown schedule.

‘Jesus Is King’ is Kanye’s highly anticipated studio album following album ‘ye’ released in June 2018. Ye’s wife had the honours of sharing the album title, tracklist and release date on Twitter. Despite having a religious title, the album is not expected to be centred around a religious theme.

The introductory track “Up From The Ashes” does carry on a religious tone in the lyrics. The title suggests being re-born as a new and better person from total annihilation. The symbolism resembles the lore relating to the death and rebirth of Phoenix.

In the only verse of “Up From The Ashes,” Kanye sings of how Jesus Christ has blessed his life. The teachings by this Son of God has shed a light unto him and led him on a righteous path. He calls Jesus the redeemer who has helped redeem Kanye’s sins.

A request by Kanye from Jesus is to shed him of his pride. Being a celebrity of the stature of Kanye, he must be proud of himself and his accomplishments, rightfully so. However, humbleness is a trait Kanye wishes to grow in himself. Kanye’s journey to Jesus Christ and God will be of a solemn and humble nature; as he sings “I come to you empty.” This could be a reference for Kanye stripping off his worldly luxuries on his final journey to heaven. Or even his soul’s journey to God, free of sins, guilt and possessions.

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