lewis capaldi bruises music video

Lewis Capaldi Releases “Bruises” Music Video

The upcoming crooner Lewis Capaldi made some serious strides in his career with “Someone You Loved” single followed by the second hit “Bruises.”

Lewis Capaldi released his debut studio album titled ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ on May 17, 2019. Both above singles appear in this album.

Releasing the album, Lewis Capaldi shared his experiences on each song with Apple Music. About “Bruises,” he said; “The success of ‘Bruises’ has always shocked me. It was the first song I ever wrote that was actually about personal experience. I found it very strange that it took going into a room with a man called James Earp for me to be asked how I was feeling and to be able to give an honest answer. I had just broken up with my first proper girlfriend of two years, and I was just getting back to being alone again. I was finding being a single man very strange. This song is the reason I am not unemployed and playing PlayStation in my underwear.

Inspired by bruises in his heart, Lewis Capaldi pours out real emotions every time he performs this song. The brand new music video released today is no exemption. Watch the music video below.

The music video shows flashbacks of two lovers when they were in love and their falling out. The two exes stare down at each other’s eyes looking deep into their hearts and trying to figure out where it went wrong. Tears come crashing down their cheeks, involuntarily.

Even though Lewis Capaldi wants to move on from this wreck of a relationship, he still wishes his bruises never heal. Those would be a reminder of his past experience–may be to cherish or maybe as a reminder to never fall for her kind again.

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