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YUNGBLUD – Casual Sabotage (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Casual Sabotage” is the fourth track on YUNGBLUD’s latest EP ‘the underrated youth’ released on October 18, 2019. Written by Matt Schwartz and YUNGBLUD, the song is yet another deep dive into the social issues faced by Millenials.

Yungblud released “hope for the underrated youth” and “original me” featuring Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons as singles off the new album. These singles, as well as the other tracks, are a complete dedication to shedding some light into the mentality of the new generation. It does not undermine them, but rather bring them to attention in hopes of understanding.

In “Casual Cabotage,” Dom of Yungblud narrates the story of an introvert. He has sewn up lips, which means he either doesn’t get to express his ideas or he just doesn’t like to. Because of this, he is cornered from society. He is a ‘camouflage’ in society.

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The title of the song ‘casual sabotage’ is the ultimate punch in the shins for this boy. In the first verse, we are explained that this boy hides in camouflage because “they” wanted him to. Whoever “they” are, this boy is being controlled, pushed around and manipulated to their whims. But “they” also come and “they” love him and “they” need him. Now, this messes up his head, which he beautifully phrases as a ‘casual sabotage’ of his sanity.

The boy’s existence is largely dependent on the whims of the others who push him around. He does not like this. But it looks as if he has no options. It’s a death ride to be loved and hated by the same people. He needs some air and he can only get that in his lonesome.

In the bridge of the song, we hear Yungblud confessing that ‘death’ is a sweeter option than this cruel existence. He wants them to either hate him or love him–not a bit of both. If they loved him, he would be okay with it. If they hated him, he would move on from them. But this current dance of ‘ice and fire’ is killing him on the inside.

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