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Rex Orange County – Face to Face (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Face to Face” is the third single off of Rex Orange County’s third studio album ‘Pony.’ The song talks about the difficulties faced in being stuck in a difficult relationship.

Rex Orange County released two singles “Pluto Projector” and “10/10” off the album ‘Pony’ released on October 25, 2019. The third and final single “Face to Face” was released two days prior to the album release.

On Instagram, the British crooner, Rex, explained what this song means to him; “THIS SONG IS ABOUT BEING AWAY FROM HOME, FEELING TRAPPED IN AN UNDESIRABLE SITUATION & FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO TRUST PEOPLE.” Listen to the audio below.

As Rex breaks into the song, he explains how this relationship went south. He grew up and she grew down. When the two directions are unparallel, two people only grow apart. The singer clearly vocalises his wish to get out of this relationship.

In the first verse of the song, Rex reminisces the good and the bad times. He recalls a time when she helped him calm down for something he freaked out. He recalls how she cleaned up after he threw up in the house. One of his fondest memories is waking up next to her face to face.

But now, she is in a different country and the time difference is 8 hours. Unless you really force yourself to communicate better, the relationship is bound to fail. So it did. The ‘connection’ that kept them going began to weaken. Rex calls this ‘poor connection’ either technologically or effort-wise.

In the chorus of the song, Rex admits that he would love to wake up next to her. But this ‘her’ is not the same her he was talking about.

The second verse of “Face to Face,” talks about how they grew apart. She was busy making new friends in this new country and he was not in his mind to have a grasp of the situation unfolding around him. Maybe even she did not know what was happening with the singer, because she was always ‘occupied.’

In the bridge, Rex sings that she was her only true friend. A friend whom he could trust with his life. A friend whom he could share anything. But destiny made them grow apart. She made new friends and he prioritized his friends. He may have accumulated a few more friends to his clique, but his world is a whole lot smaller now that she is gone from it.

This relationship should cease to exist now before anyone goes crazy.

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