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The Chainsmokers – Push My Luck (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The Chainsmokers has been teasing their upcoming third studio album for way too long now. The latest track, “Push My Luck,” released on November 8, 2019, is the sixth release from the album of 10 tracks.

The new track follows some global hits such as “Call You Mine” featuring Bebe Rexha, “Kills You Slowly,” “Who Do You Love” featuring 5 Seconds of Summer, and “Takeaway” featuring Lennon Stella. The third studio album ‘World War Joy’ is expected in December this year.

“Push My Luck” is a song about the rush at the first stage of the relationship. Always eager, always hungry for more and always wanting more of each other. The singer feels right with this girl, so he might as well push his luck on this gamble. The music video is a beautifully orchestrated black-and-white roll out with Andrew Taggart taking on the vocals and rest of the band performing in a dimmed light. There is also a girl walking around resembling a silhouette, much like the girl walking around his mind. Watch the video below.

Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers goes onto sing about their first date, which was almost ruined. Then the second date went quite well and he got the much-awaited call from her. And thus begins another story.

This girl has gotten used to a single life–in a tiny apartment with one roommate. She enjoys her space and the guy is going to be a hiccup in her usual ways. Andrew Taggart does not want to seem too eager and he definitely does not want her to think he is too intrusive. But he is also not about to let this one go.

The singer wants to take her out, make memories on a third date and see if she is the One. But he might have to get her used to these new ideas. She works on Sundays, too, on minimum wage, to make her ends meet. Going out on a daily basis might not be on her budget approval.

Andrew sings that he has done this dance for way too long. Meet up, hook up, dress up and go separate ways’ has been the usual pattern. With this girl, it might all change. This girl, he will not let her be ‘the one that got away.’ Good luck, Andrew!

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