kanye west follow god music video

Just Kanye West Riding Around with His Dad in “Follow God” Video

Kanye West’s latest gospel-backed album ‘Jesus Is King‘ has been a turning point in the rappers life. It is clear that the rapper has a new perspective and direction on life. “Follow God” is one of the most prominent tracks on the album talking about understanding God.

Kanye West premiered a new music video for “Follow God” that features the rapper’s father-Ray West. Both of them are seen ATV driving in the rapper’s snow-covered ranches in Cody, Wyoming. The video also gives a sneak peek into a powerful dialogue between them, which Kanye Tweeted later on;

“What does it really mean to follow God?” asks a voice clip at the beginning of the video which we later learn is a sermon by pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee. He then goes on to narrate a story from his life which resembles the idea of what it means to follow God. The gist of the sermon is that you never have to look twice or be scared when you follow the footsteps of God.

The music video captures some picturesque scenery from the ranch in Wyoming. The Wests ride around in snow-carpeted land with brown foliage and Sunbaked plateau.

It is also interesting that the lyrics to the song also reminisces a story from Kanye’s real life with his dad; an argument with his father about doing things that “ain’t Christ-like.”

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