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Khalid – Up All Night (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

On November 12th Khalid took to Twitter to ask his fans a quite mute question; “y’all want a song this Friday or next Friday.” The obvious overwhelming response was obviously to release a song as soon as possible. Agreeing with the fans, Khalid released a brand new song, titled “Up All Night” on November 15, 2019.

The new single follows Khalid’s last album project ‘Free Spirit’ released in April 2019. “Up All Night” sparks the way into the third studio album by the singer.

The producer of the track ‘chrome sparks’ took to Twitter to reveal how he got into working with Khalid; “a few months ago a real life angel aka @thegreatkhalid reached out to me with a few kind words. soon enough we were in the studio making something that we felt was super special. proud to have it out in the world today.” Khalid replied to the Tweet adding; “my favourite song ever.”

“Up All Night” is a super delicious Khalid-wrap on the unless the bitter topic of the human existential crisis. Why are we here and what are we doing here? Two great questions, with seemingly no viable answers. Listen to the song below.

In the first verse of the song, Khalid ponders upon one of the ultimate questions of the world; where do we go when we die? Although different religions have their own interpretations of death and the story beyond, there has never been any concrete answer to this question. Most likely, there never will be.

Khalid is on a mission in search of his soul. In which corner of this world would he find it? We have no clue. But we can give a hint to Khalid. Your soul is within yourself, so your travels should be within yourself.

In the pre-chorus, Khalid lays out some universal truths. The world is a painful place. The pain never goes away. We just get learn to live with it. In this process, we just age naturally. By the time we are fully accustomed to the ways of this world, we would have reached the end of our timeline. There is no stopping in any of these universal truths.

Khalid just might be overthinking all of this, as he confesses to having sleepless nights thinking about all these. If there are no answers to your questions, might as well sleep off the night. At least you will be fresh by the next day to face off new challenges of the day.

The second verse narrates how Khalid copes up with all of these questions. Getting high would help to some extent and to some relief. But it is not a permanent fix. He is getting by his life and living off each day. But he is not satisfied. He believes that there is still so much more to discover and learn. Among all the chaos and destruction in the world, Khalid is truly grateful that he is still alive and awake.

There is a bitter undertone to all of these lyrics by Khalid on “Up All Night.” However, his soothing voice and soulful performance make us think everything is okay.

Let us hear what you think about this brand new track by Khalid in the comments below. What emotions did you experience listening to this song?

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