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Jhene Aiko – None of Your Concern Ft. Big Sean (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

There are many artists who date each other. There are a few artists who decide to collaborate on songs while they are dating. But there are little to no artists who collaborate with each other after they break up. Jhene Aiko is unlike any other artist out there. She joined with Big Sean, her ex-boyfriend, on their second collaboration for 2019, titled “None of Your Concern.”

The new collaboration comes as the second release off of Jhene Aiko’s upcoming third studio album, expected to be titled ‘Chilombo’ as her social media profiles suggest. Other known projects from the album are “Triggered (freestyle),’ released in May 2019.

The new single follows the ex-couple’s first release for 2019, “Single Again” released in July. Both songs seemingly talk about their lives after the breakup and their remnant feelings for each other, if there is any at all. The song was released along with a music video. Watch next.

The song title does not suggest the appearance of the featured artist and ex-boyfriend Big Sean on the track. This surprise drops at around the 3 minutes 25-seconds mark on the song of 4 minute and 18-second runtime in total.

In the first verse of “None of Your Concern, Jhene Aiko talks about her relationship with Big Sean in hindsight. She feels as if they rushed into the relationship and ended up getting burnt out. For some unforeseen reasons, their love started fading off and neither of them did much to stop it. She questions if their love was worth anything at all!

The chorus of the song attempts to veil everything else said throughout the song by both the artists. Although they express some unresolved attachments towards each other, the lyrics dominantly say none of it is neither of their concerns anymore.

In the second verse of “None of Your Concern,” Jhene Aiko makes Big Sean’s private affairs her concern. She talks about some “little miss thing” who is now occupying Big Sean’s dating life. She confesses that she is not worried about this new girl’s presence in his life, but she says she is disappointed in his choice. Jhene says she wants him to have a better partner in moving forward from her, but the big question is would someone ever consider another as being better than themself?

The third verse is possibly the most vulnerable and aggressive Jhene Aiko has been on a song. She says she was suicidal and traumatized by their breakup and his moving on to another relationship. So he has no right to question about her relationship status now. Jhene might or might not have moved and it really is “none of your concern” for Big Sean now. These lyrics seem to be drawn off of real-life scenarios as she fires off at Big Sean for even calling her back. She doesn’t need his sympathy and she really doesn’t need him prying on her life. And how dare he raise his voice on her now that they don’t have anything to do with each other? The even bigger question is how did Jhene Aiko get Big Sean to feature on this track after this explosive third verse!!!

The fourth verse by Big Sean is kind of an apology and kind of a farewell bid. He sweeps his mistakes with Jhene under the rug of ‘unresolved issues from his past relationships.’ Even Big Sean wishes her a better future with a better relationship, but he does not agree with her choices of men of late. But Jhene already responded to this in the previous verse.

The latter part of the verse by Big Sean turns very sexual very quickly. He talks about keeping her satisfied sexually, maybe more than satisfied, during their relationship. He talks of various sexual acts they performed on each other, to what extent is beyond comprehension.

There still seems to be a lot of going back-and-forth between exes Jhene Aiko and Big Sean. What do you think about this song and their relationship? Think they still got a chance? Drop a comment below.

Take a look at the complete lyrics to “None of Your Concern” on Genius.

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