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YNW Melly – Suicidal (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Rapper YNW Melly released his debut studio album ‘Melly vs. Melvin’ on November 22, 2019, and everybody is still talking about the controversial track “Suicidal” in it. YNW Melly had a rollercoaster of a year in 2019, being sent to jail for suspected double-murder charges of his best friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. Melly announced the new album from jail. So let us dig into the mind of YNW Melly to uncover the meaning of “Suicidal” track.

‘Melly vs. Melvin’ follows the rapper’s January 2019 release of EP ‘Wel All Shine.’ This album contained Melly’s breakout single “Mixed Personalities” featuring Kanye West.

“Suicidal” is a song about the feelings of distress and hatred Melly develops after breaking up with his girlfriend. The rage and pain are at such high levels that he considers ending his life. He also says that these suicidal thoughts are not his fault, but due to the toxicity of the love of his partner. Listen to the audio below.

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In the intro and chorus of the song, YNW Melly screams out that his ex-girlfriend’s love is so toxic that it makes him want to commit suicide. These feelings could be dedicated to having unfulfilled expectations in a relationship, especially when one party is committed to the relationship and the other party is not.

In the pre-chorus, YNW Melly further explains the reasons behind his above claim. The rapper says that they were looking at a ‘forever’ kind of relationship, but she had to mess it all up. He gave all his love (referenced as ‘Ecstacy’ in the lyrics as a popular drug known to enhance sexual appetite) to her, but she had no response to him. Her presence in his life made him realize that she is not in it for true love. Maybe she was with him for the perks, like binging on his Hennessy whiskey.

In the only verse of “Suicidal,” YNW Melly goes on a massive rant about what went wrong in their relationship. As sung in the previous lyrics, their love was only a one-way street, with Melly being the giver all the time. On top of that, Melly claims that she cheated on him. There is no proof that she did, but he has a gut feeling. He is drowning in Hennessy whiskey while he says this, too.

Worst of all, this ex-girlfriend did no good in their relationship. While Melly put everything on the line for her, all she did was steal it all from him. All of this ripped Melly’s heart out; she stole his soul. Once a relationship comes to this crossroad, there is no turning back. There is only a murderous intent now because, in his eyes, she is the devil in human form. Melly says that there is no future for him with this ex-girlfriend now that he has burned all the bridges that lead to her.

It is amazing how much influence a person can hold on another and when they leave from their lives, how much of damage it does. Most of the time, it creates a crack that could never be whole again.

Let us hear what you think of “Suicidal” by YNW Melly in the comments below. Can you relate?

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  1. I do understand and i love the song bc it show’s Melly’s emotions and my ex told me to listen to it and it hurt me but we were really in love so i could understand but me and my ex have dated twice and now i’m dating my best friend and we all became best friends before everything happened between me and them so i love the song it’s amazing.

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