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Trevor Daniel – Falling (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The popular social media video platform Tik Tok has breathed new life into Trevor Daniel’s “Falling” single from his debut EP ‘Homesick’ released in 2018. The single anyway had the attention of the masses, accumulating over 8 million streams on Spotify. As of November 2019, this number has soared to 49 million, with 80% of it being recorded in the month of November 2019. Much like “Old Town Road” became a viral hit due to Tik Tok, “Falling” by Trevor Daniel too got the much-deserved attention it needs through Tik Tok.

“Falling” was first released on October 5, 2018. The song received quite the recognition from the music community. However, blowing up on Tik Tok app, the song became Trevor Daniel’s first Billboard Hot 100 entry, charting at #75 in November 2019.

“I’m speechless,” commented Trevor on his Facebook page after his debut on Billboard Hot 100 chart. “I’ve spent a lot of nights dreaming about stuff like this happening & I can’t thank you enough for helping me get here! it’s only the beginning! I love you!” he added.

On Genius, Trevor annotated the lyrics to “Falling;” “After having your heart ripped out of your chest it’s hard to trust anyone. I’d swear up and down that I wasn’t going to fall for anyone again, but now I’m thinking maybe there’s someone who could change my mind under the right circumstances.”

Watch the Official Music Video for “Falling” by Trevor Daniel

In the chorus of the song, Trevor sings of heartbreak from the past. This is one of the most painful kinds of aches to deal with. The process could either make you or break you. It natural to be on the back foot and playing defence after a breakup. Trevor Daniel was in this mindset after the breakup. But all wounds heal and broken hearts do mend. Trevor talks about an encounter with a new female with whom he felt an instant connection with. But he is on the defence–maybe if she was to show him some love, he would jump back in.

In the only verse of the song, Trevor hopes this girl would be the exception. He wants the girl to make a move and confess her feelings for him. Trevor admits that he has never felt these feelings he does with this girl. Before her, he was in pain and he used to numb the pain with alcohol. It is only a temporary fix, and the permanent fix is finding the Miss Right for you.

If this girl was to give a little bit of her love, the singer is ready to take her in and bathe her with all his love. He was on a speedrun with his ex, and he would like to slow down with this girl.

In the bridge of “Falling,” Trevor confesses that he has been burnt with similar feelings of a rush before. Is he out of his mind to go down the same rabbit hole? Or is this girl the exception? I guess you would never know until you dive in.

The lyrics to the outro has Trevor Daniel returning towards logic over heartstrings. He swears to himself that he will never go in 100% for a girl ever again. He might feel exceptional with this new girl, but he will always have his reservations. Because, loving is sweet, but dealing with heartbreak is not an easy path. Physical pain fades away within days, but mental torture could last a lifetime and literally drive you insane.

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