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Labrinth – Oblivion Ft. Sia (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Oblivion” is a single by Labrinth from his 2019 album ‘Imagination & the Misfit Kid.’ His long-time collaborator of the group LSD, Sia joins Labrinth on this track for some additional vocals.

“Oblivion” was released on November 22, 2019, and is the final track of the album. The new album features only one other collaboration with Zendaya on the track “All for Us.”

‘Oblivion’ is defined as “the fact or condition of not remembering: a state marked by lack of awareness or consciousness” by Merriam Dictionary. In the context of the song, we hear Labrinth wishing for his conscious to be wiped away because the reality is too painful to tolerate. The moody track has some real dark twists as well. Listen to the audio below.

In the song, Labrinth sings of wanting to be in an ‘oblivion,’ because the reality is too difficult to handle.

In the first verse, Labrinth sings that all his attempts at salvation has not been fruitful. His prayers have gone unanswered, and the weatherman has not been kind in his life. It has been a continuous walk in the rain. And it is a cold, dark and small room he has been locked in.

The chorus of the song explains that Labrinth is going through some severe mental pain. Why? Because he has lost his special partner in life. The pain is so difficult to tolerate that he wishes his conscious goes numb or to ‘oblivion.’

Check out the full lyrics below.

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