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Harry Styles – Golden (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Golden” is the opening track on Harry Styles’ 2019 album ‘Fine Line.’ The album focuses a lot on the singer’s relationships and “Golden” reflects the golden stage of any relationship-the honeymoon phase. Let us explore the meaning of this song further.

Harry Styles’ second studio album ‘Fine Line’ contains a lot of tracks on relationships and a few more on discovering himself. Most songs on relationships, such as “Cherry” or “Falling” or “To Be So Lonely,” are on the topic of grieving over his lost love life.

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Harry Styles explained the perfect time to listen to this song; “I used to drive from here to the studio and listen to it. “Golden” was like the perfect PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) song. It’s like driving down the coast, that is what the song is for. It feels so Malibu to me.”

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Golden”

Verse 1

The song talks about the joys of being in love in the initial stage of a relationship. The energy is overflowing and sparks fly all over the place. Harry refers to this situation as ‘golden.’ Harry compares this new girl to the Sun, who shines brightly over his life. Her rays would scorch his skin just the right amount, is his wish.


Immediately following the joyous first verse, Harry comes to his senses that he should not be over ecstatic about this new relationship. He fears that his expectations are beyond what his actual reach is. May be someone as bright as this girl is not meant to be in his life. Maybe, all relationships are meant to burn and crash. Remember, she is as bright as the Sun, we all know what happened to Icarus!

Verse 2

With the knock of harsh reality in the second verse, Harry reverts back to worrying about the eventual fall out of this relationship. He is more scared of going back to being alone, more than losing the actual person. Granted, Harry had a difficult time in his personal life after his relationship with Camille Rowe ended in July 2018.

Harry Styles is so scared of being alone. Even more so, he is scared of being alone with himself. In “Falling,” he talked about how he is displeased with the person he was turning to be. However, in this song, he feels as if she is taking over him and his fears. If being alone was a sickness and Harry was ‘ground zero’, loving her is the cure!


For some reason, Harry Styles believes his bold openness and honesty will scare her away. But if she is the right one, she will stay no matter what.

What are your thoughts on “Golden” by Harry Styles? Does it not perfectly capture the early jitters of being in a new relationship? Drop your ideas in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Harry Styles – Golden (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. This girl has brown skin & she shines bright like the sun he probably saw her in his dreams just make sure book y’all tickets 🎫 so you won’t miss out on who this mystery girl is I’ve been around way too long to not know or know if Harry is writing about a girl or not he did he is looking for love & they probably get married & have a baby together

  2. Who knows is the girl real imaginary a metaphor or jus something created just like in she she’s imaginary maybe he’s golden way to bright for her so he doesn’t want a relationship because she’s unobtainable

  3. The song is undoubtedly catchy but you can’t miss the emotional rollercoaster going on… Harry is a genius

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