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Stormzy – Lessons (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

There are many songs, ballads, raps and poems about ex-girlfriends. But this new release, “Lessons,” by Stormzy is one that everyone needs to hear. Not just because he regrets his decisions that led to the breakup, but also because of the powerful emotions embedded in these lyrics. Let us guide you through the lyrics and meaning of the song.

“Lessons” is the 15th track on the 2019 sophomore studio album ‘Heavy Is The Head’ released by the rapper Stormzy. The album title has been derived from the third track of the album ‘Crown.’ The album released on December 13, 2019 and the world focus is on the track that speaks about Stormzy’s breakup with TV personality Maya Jama.

Stormzy and Maya Jama broke up in August 2019 after being together for 4 years. Although, Stormzy has not been vocal about the breakup since, he uses “Lessons” as his medium to let out his frustration of the situation. The main alleged reason behind their breakup is reported to be the rumours of infidelity of Stormzy with the singer Jorja Smith.

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Listen to “Lessons” by Stormzy

Verse 1

In the first verse of “Lessons,” Stormzy compares Maya to someone even better than a Disney princess. She came into his life when he was going through some tough times and helped him get back up. He got back up to his career and has had a successful run in music in the last few years. The name of the game is ‘balance’ and Stormzy failed to keep his best half in check. The rapper admits that he chased behind fame and money somewhat, letting his personal life slide a bit. And things started manifesting.

He also admits that towards the latter part of their relationship they both acted like children. A ‘script’ is a written manuscript for a story. It is nearly perfect because it has been edited and re-written for the most audience pleasure. Stormzy says the relationship he had with Maya was just like a script, with a few bad chapters at the end. However, he is both thankful and sad about what they had throughout four years.

Stormzy opens up about their relationship being both “lit” and needing to “light candles.” This is a nice way of putting that their relationship was not without ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’ But somehow they pulled through every time, until they could not work out this last one.

Rapper says that his girlfriend did warn him about the incoming storm, but he failed to listen. He feels as if he failed as a provider for his family and he let everyone down.

In the last part of the first verse, Stormzy says “I done the dirt and then I figured that you’ll dig it out.” Is this him admitting the rumours of cheating with Jorja Smith? He knows there is no coming back from this. What do you think? Did Stormzy really cheat? Drop a comment below.


Stormzy says Maya taught him what true love is. He reminisces it is the best gift he has received in his life. Stormzy sings that he understands Maya’s position now. He knows that she will never forgive him, and in her shoes, he too would not.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Lessons,” Stormzy talks about the suffering he is going through post-breakup. His only wish is that she has it easier than him to get through the pain. It is the only thing he can do as repayment for everything she gave him during their relationship.

Stormzy also says that they had plans to have a baby of their own. He also says that he can’t look in her eyes straight now because of shame. Is he trying to apologize for him cheating on Maya? Is he just getting the truth out of his chest? Let us know what you think about in the comments below.

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