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Denace – Cannons For NICK (Nick Cannon Diss) | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Looks like Christmas came early this year for entertainer Nick Cannon. Whilst our hopes keep fading by the day for a response from Eminem for the ‘alleged’ beef with Nick Cannon, Stans have taken it upon themselves to make sure Nick knows that he poked the wrong bear. The latest news on this front is the response diss by rapper Denace titled “Cannons For Nick.” Let us dig into the meaning behind this song and a bit of history.

Dennis Maniatakis known by his stage name Denace is an upcoming artist from Athens, Greece. The 34-year-old artist has been known to come up with quality bars and rhymes. His most prominent work so far has been “Farewell” and “Drinking About You.” He also sounds fairly similar to Eminem, much like he says in “Guess Who (Eminem Wannabe)” single. Denace is an avid Eminem fan and a Stan. In last year’s Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) vs Eminem battle, Denace released his own diss “Life After Death” in response to MGK. He is quite savage with his lyrics, much like Slim Shady.

This time around, Denace is back again supporting Eminem in the bizarre rap feud with Nick Cannon. While Nick Cannon releases back-to-back diss tracks targeting Eminem, the Rap God has only released two Tweets in response. So, Nick Cannon believes he won the rap battle; “@Eminem I won!!!! This has been fun now back to your regularly scheduled programs,” Tweeted Nick days after his two disses “The Invitation” and “Pray For Him.” However, according to the Internet, Nick is the only one who believes he won the battle. 1. What battle in the first place? 2. Nick’s fans, Stans and third parties all seem to believe that Nick Cannon sunk his own ship by releasing mediocre, if not worse, disses at Eminem.

So, a Stan, Denace came up with his own lyrics to respond to Nick Cannon who awaits eagerly for an Eminem response. This might not be what Nick expected, but it looks like this is all he is going to get.

Listen to “Cannons For Nick” (Nick Cannon Diss) by Denace

Warning explicit lyrics ahead.

Denace, ever so sounding like Slim Shady, comes up with some pretty crazy and insane lines in this diss track.

He starts off wishing Nick Cannon a Merry Christmas because he got the gift of #RipNickCannon hashtag trending at #1 worldwide after he released “The Invitation.” The music video for “The Invitation (Eminem Diss)” has also got a lot of attention and criticism in the music community. Denace mocks them by saying that is a nice boy band Nick got there. It is also question-worthy as to why Nick Cannon brought in rappers such as Hitman Holla, Conceited, Prince Eazy and Charlie Clips in the middle of a war between him and Eminem. They had nothing to do with Eminem and now all of them are blacklisted for no reason. The Internet mocked this as the Eminem vs Everybody Else battle.

The music video for “The Invitation” was shot in full black-and-white as if to prove some point. Denace asks if they are too broke to afford coloured video recorders!

Denace also explains why he released this diss track. Much like the Internet agrees, Nick’s verses on either of the diss tracks are mediocre at best. This has even got the hardcore Stans appreciating the verses by Machine Gun Kelly in his Eminem diss track “Rap Devil.” Denace says that it would require Eminem to lower his standards to pen a reply diss track for Nick Cannon. So instead, he braves up and replies on Eminem’s stead.

Denace not only targets Nick Cannon in this reply diss track. He disses each cronies Nick Cannon had brought in on his two diss tracks. Rapper Conceited gets called a ‘groupie’ on drugs. Denace rhymes ‘garbage bins’ with the rapper Charlie Clips. BAM! He also goes on to say that Charlie Clips has the largest ‘t*ts’ on MTV channel.

On “The Invitation” diss track, Nick Cannon claims that Eminem had sexual affairs with his male chauffeur. Since this is not factual, Nick got slammed all over the Internet for bringing in false information into rap battles. Denace prances upon this and says that Nick is just jealous that it is not him that Eminem was gay with.

Nick Cannon’s wife, singer Mariah Carey is not left out on this diss track by Denace. She is the beginning of the feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon, dating back to Eminem’s “Bagpipes from Baghdad” track from 2009. Mariah Carey released “Obsessed” in response to this. Denace announces that she has herpes based on the countless sex partners she has had over the years. He also says that Mariah is delusional on “wine and nitrous cool whip.”

Denace calls Nick’s diss tracks to be the most boring ones in the history of battle rap. He jokingly asks what is the formula for this impossible achievement!

The hardest diss line on “Cannons For Nick” comes after the beat stops and Denace still continues to drop his bars. On “The Invitation,” Nick Cannon compared himself to the likes of Tupac Shakur. This comparison also got slammed all over the Internet for being one of the corniest statements in battle rap. Denace reminds Nick that he is “not even partly Pac.” Someone had to say it!

After “Cannons For Nick” (Nick Cannon Diss) by Denace, do you think Eminem even needs to raise his voice on this front again? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the complete lyrics to the song and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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