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Camila Cabello Performs “My Oh My” on Jimmy Fallon with DaBaby

Camila Cabello was a special guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform her hit track “My Oh My” live. To the fans’ pleasure DaBaby, who features on the track, too, made an appearance to perform his verse.

“This is my favourite track on the album,” introduced Jimmy Fallon, holding a vinyl album cover. “My Oh My” is included in Camila’s new album ‘Romance‘ released on December 6, 2019.

Camila Cabello and her two female backup dancers dressed in tennis skirts checkered in blue and green. They wore knee-high white socks and protruded a typical highschool cheer girl look. It was also interesting to see that the entire backdrop was a green panel, just like a ‘green screen’ used in movie recordings.

Camila and her female dancers went on to deliver a sultry dance choreography in line with the lyrics of the song, which talks about Camila’s affiliation with a bad boy. In the chorus of the song, Camila sings that this boy comes alive at midnight and he wants only one thing. Fortunately, Camila wants the same thing.

DaBaby appears at the jump of his rap verse on the track and goes on to deliver a flawless performance. He, too, fashions himself to the theme–blue Gucci sweater and green pants. The rapper, however, does not stay on stage till Camila finishes the song. He wildly disappears after his verse.

Watch the live performance of “My Oh My” on Jimmy Fallon below.

Camila Cabello’s choreography includes a lot of booty shaking and some twerking as well.

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