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Mac Miller – Good News | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Mac Miller’s family released his first song since the rapper’s death in September 2018. This new song, titled “Good News,” is the perfect summation of who Mac Miller is. The slow beat with lyrics on feeling down would have been Miller’s final thoughts before his final rest. Let us explore the lyrics and meaning behind this song.

The song first appeared online in September 2019, and was rumoured to be part of an upcoming project. However, it was merely the first music from the singer after his overdose a year ago.

“Good News” is a serious deep-dive into Mac Miller’s head and thoughts. He seems to be surrounded by a lot of negative thoughts which he tries to chase away with “Good News.” Everyone around him also only wants to hear positive news. He feels lost without being able to share his negative thoughts. These thoughts could have been his final counts on himself before he succumbed to drug abuse which would eventually take his life.

However, his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, in her hit album ‘thank u, next,’ confessed that Mac Miller’s drug problem was deep-rooted within him. She tried to stop him to no avail. It is one of the reasons for her to end the relationship with the rapper.

Listen to “Good News” by Mac Miller

Verse 1

In these lyrics, Mac Miller talks about “laying back” at the face of his problems. He gets stuck in his own head, contemplating what-ifs and what nots. He often gets “high” to facilitate his hallucinogenic experiences but hates knowing that he has a ceiling above his head that stops him from floating into the universe.

This very relaxed tune says that you don’t need to take all the problems of life head-on. Sometimes, just sit back and watch them pass on. Take a deep breath, stop, watch them float away. This is a self-help mechanism. Of course, the best approach would be to seek help. But according to Mac Miller, nobody around him wants to hear bad news. All they want is good news–new music, new album, new tour, new girlfriend, new money. But life is not as perfect always.

Verse 2

Coincidentally, Mac Miller sings about “running out of gas” in these lyrics from the song. It is unclear when the rapper actually penned these lyrics, but it seems as if he anticipated some form of ending. He says that he feels tired all the time and his ‘out’ from this tiredness and worries would be his hallucinogenic trips.

Mac Miller says that he has been stuck inside his room for so long, without letting the world around him bother further. He has not seen the Sun, but only the moon, and he prefers it that way.

Verse 3

On the final verse of “Good News,” we actually hear Mac Miller turning his head towards the better. He looks at his life and career and thinks to himself that he has a long road to go. But this could be also a reflection of his spiritual journey. He might have been too late to jump on the bandwagon, but with spirituality, it’s never too late.

What do you think Mac Miller meant by these lyrics? Is this a reach out for help? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

One thought on “Mac Miller – Good News | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

  1. I don’t know… people think he was going looking to optimism and things getting better “on the other side”, coming from a place where as soon as I heard this song, I know… I knew the feeling… I think he might have said, dying… it wouldn’t be so bad…. Because no more… he wouldn’t have to face it anymore. It resonates so much for me…. Right now, it’s on repeat… reading two articles about the meaning of this song, makes me knew I was spot on about this currently being the theme song of my life. 😔

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