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Halsey – You Should Be Sad | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

On January 9, 2020, Halsey announced her upcoming song “You Should Be Sad” from her upcoming album ‘Manic.’ The singer premiered the single artwork, which portrays Halsey, dressed in high fashion, yet shedding a tear. She also teased a “wild” music video premiering along with the single on January 10, 2020.

“You Should Be Sad” poster (Image: Halsey/YouTube)

Watch the music video packed with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Carrie, and Shania Twain, with Halsey looking extremely hot and sexy in revealing bikini.

Watch “You Should Be Sad” Video by Halsey

Halsey has released singles such as “Clementine,” “Without Me,” “Graveyard” and “finally // beautiful stranger” from her third studio album ‘Manic.’ The album is set to release on January 17, 2020.

Halsey explained her shift to Country music in a Tweet following the release of the new single; “The most petty and heartbreaking songs all come from country. I wrote YSBS on my living room floor on my guitar. Lots of time in Nashville too 🥰.” We know she is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, who also has her roots in Country music and Nashville.

In the new single, Halsey addresses her ex-boyfriend who dumped her. She says she has no ill wishes for the guy, but only profound sadness of the loss. More than what she lost, the breakup was a bigger loss to the guy who needed support to be on his feet.

In the pre-chorus, Halsey quite bluntly says that she is glad that she did not have a child with this guy. We cannot help but think, she is talking about a real-life ex-boyfriend. Her last boyfriend was the artist G-Eazy, who has inspired several heartbreak anthems after their breakup. The most notable song being “Without Me.” In the second verse, Halsey explains how she accepted a “broken” man into her life and made him whole. Once healed, the man just walked away, scarring Halsey forever.

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Halsey is all set to take on her #ManicWorldTour following the album release.

Check out the lyrics and further meaning of the song on Genius.

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