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Eminem – Marsh | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Marsh” is the 13th track on Eminem’s 2020 album ‘Music to Be Murdered By.’ In the song, Eminem compares himself to a superhero by the name ‘Marsh,’ who has been, is and will be the sole saviour of rap and hip hop. Eminem also addresses most of the hate he gets on a daily basis in these lyrics.

Eminem released his much anticipated eleventh studio album titled ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ on January 17, 2020. Although the album was heavily awaited by Stans, the release of the album was a surprise as Eminem nor any official party gave out any confirmation of the release. ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ album consists a staggering 20 tracks and is considered as a double album. The album is seemingly an address to the current status of the Rap God, addressing his friends and foes in the game. This recent surprise project follows Eminem’s 2018 surprise hit ‘Kamikaze‘ album that literally attacked every disdainful aspect in society including mumble rap.

In the chorus of the song, Eminem plays on with the word ‘Marsh’ and his real name ‘Marshall Mathers.’ As Eminem says ‘Marsh and’ in the lyrics, it sounds like both ‘Marshall’ and ‘Martian.’ The latter is a common phrase to refer to alien life forms in popular fiction. Eminem ties on this point by singing that he and his music are “out of this world” and “extraterrestrial” as well.

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