party all day, party all night

Insyde – Party all day, party all night | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

The 18-year-old SoundCloud sensation Insyde released a brand new club-banger for all the fans to bang their heads to. The new song, titled “Party all day, party all night,” is exactly about what the title says. So let us do a bit of lyrics breakdown on this article.

Insyde is an American musician who rose to fame on SoundCloud with “Sometimes” receiving over 1 million streams on the platform. The success of the song led him to sign a distribution deal with AWAL, a major independent record label. He then rereleased “Sometimes” through AWAL on January 22, 2019.

In the song, Insyde details how hard he parties, and that too, all day and all night. There are girls that he encounters in these parties and it sure sounds like all good nights and days.

Insyde also namedrops some luxury brands he is accustomed to. Gucci clothes, Patek Phillippe wristwatches, V12 engine sportscars, custom-design jewellery, Rolls Royce Wraith luxury car and Ferrari sportscars are his favourite bragging rights.

The singer also boasts about his gold chain which cost him over $10,000. He says that this is sometimes more than the retirement fund (401k) of some people.

The only ‘mediocre’ item in his possession is an Android mobile phone. But Insyde boosted this by annotating that he wrote this track when Apple phones were getting hacked. Points for that!

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