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Drake & Future – Desires | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Frequent collaborators Drake and Future continue to add new tracks on to their extensive list with the second collaboration for 2020 titled “Desires.” The song was released without prior warnings on OVO SoundCloud page. Let us explore the lyrics and meaning behind this new track.

The new song “Desires” released on January 31, 2020, after suffering a leak in earlier this month. The song follows Drake and Future’s first release for 2020 titled “Life Is Good,” which sits at #2 on Billboard Hot 100 as of now. Already into the second collaboration for the year, neither artist has confirmed of any upcoming album together.

The two-part track seems to be an address to an ex-girlfriend. Many lyrics suggest that she cheated on him and how he laments over the fact that he let it happen.

Listen to “Desires” by Drake & Future


In the chorus of the song, we hear Drake singing about all the things he could have done to avoid this disaster. Keeping her locked away from society is not a humane approach to keep a girl to yourself. Drake suggests some cities which he could have kept her–Katy, Texas and Dallas, Texas. A house built in the forest for her so that she has no chance of leaving him or cheating on him.

Her desires are strong and bold.

Verse 1

In these lyrics by Future, the rapper talks about how she had him ‘down on his knees’ for her love. Because she has the fire in her eyes and he is not in control.

“I’m in a 8” could be a reference to an 8-hour job, which would have kept him away from the house. But he did it to pay off their loans, buy a second Ferrari car, and even get her a chauffeur of her own. But this is not what she needed, it seems.

Future had her staying with him in the city of Houston, Texas. But she was acting too vulnerable in the city, She probably had a lot of friends and she probably was quite outgoing. She says she is his number one, but her actions suggest otherwise.

Verse 2

On this verse, Drake admits that she never had a strong foot in self-control. His absence throughout the day and her curiosity and boredom must have attracted her to different experiences. He says that even if they were engaged (ring with a rock on it), it still would not have stopped her from cheating.

Drake questions her how she could afford to visit so many places. These tickets don’t come cheap and she is not earning. Somebody else is buying her stuff and what is the return this person is getting? Doubts lead to disasters!

Towards the end of the verse, we hear Drake blaming himself for letting things get out of hand. We don’t know if ‘love’ requires continuous monitoring and follow-up. But apparently this relationship did require it.

Verse 3

The third verse marks part two of “Desires” as well as the end of the track. Drake talks about how he is responsible for letting this relationship slip away. He asks her why she lied so much, and how did she keep track of all the lies! Well, she could not, because he heard her stories all over the place.

The lyric “Whole lot of secrets friends don’t keep safe” suggest that Drake might have had a few friends of her who were loyal to Drake. Or maybe they spilt some secrets accidentally. Either way, Drake’s doubts were confirmed through reliable sources.

Drake says he was too good to her, giving her the benefit of the doubt. He also makes a statement that “Nice guys always finish off where they started” which is true enough. “Deja vu” is a term used to reference unexplainable situations. Maybe Future and Drake are at a loss of words for what happened to them. Maybe it is not. Maybe this is exactly what they were digging for without their realization.

“Desires” might be a very relatable song to many people out there. Let us know your thoughts and experiences relating to this song in the comments below.

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