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Here Are Great Tips for Organizing an Outdoor Music Festival

Organizing a music festival may complement business and brand promotions that will please the crowd. If you are thinking of a weekend of chamber music or rock marathon, an outdoor music festival could be the best way to attract and keep your audiences entertained. However, the planning requires a lot of organization and teamwork from the people involved especially in hiring staff and booking of the bands.

Planning an Outdoor Music Festival

Here are some great important tips that you can begin with.

  1. Time and Space

Booking bands, vendors and the venue may need many months to process and finalize. A big festival could take a year or more for such processes and the marketing and selling of tickets may be time-consuming. A festival also requires big open space that will accommodate stages and backstages, parking, portable bathrooms, catering vans, even campgrounds. However, the space required will depend on the activities planned.

2. Budgets and operations 

One must keep in check with the budget. It would be challenging if you book one huge popular act that consumes your entire budget. You should consider local talent options and blend them with big personalities and talents. While entertainment is pleasing, someone would like a soothing cold drink or delicious food, or incredible merchandise for souvenirs. All these operations need adequate space including bathrooms and a cleaning service that will help out clear and maintain the space.

3. Equipment and Entertainment

The main objective of the event is the presence of live music that entails sustainable stages, lighting equipment, and great sound systems. It will be wise to hire a specialized music production company with audiovisual technicians that will responsible for technical operations. It will be convenient to include entertainment that doesn’t require technicality. An Australian music festival, for example, comprises visual arts, dancing performances, magicians and others. This will keep your audiences entertained if a technical issue arises.

4. Permits and Security 

It’s important to have the legitimate paperwork to avoid the risk of the event being shut down. Public land requires a permit while private requires proper contracts and transactions. Make sure the right authorities are informed. Ensure that you have a good and professional security team to ensure the safety of the audiences and everything that goes around during the festival.

5. Organization and marketing 

Create an image in your mind of how you would want everything to go. Give your audiences a grand entrance by gifting wristbands or something to make them more excited. Ensure that there are enough human resources at the entrance to keep the crowd moving. When marketing for the festival, utilize different marketing methods such as digital advertisements, local press, social media, and handouts.


Planning an outdoor music festival is a big responsibility as it requires expertise in organization and people management, industry connections and a great passion for music. Numerous country festivals like the Australian music festival uses digital adverts, social media, and handouts and so on, to assure you of an experience that will blow your mind. These tips will help you organize a wonderful music festival.

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