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Joji – Run | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Joji is back in 2020 for his second single off of his second studio album. Sticking to his usual melancholy, the new single, titled “Run,” also takes a wallowing tone. Let us go through the lyrics and meaning behind this track.

Joji is making a return to music since his debut studio album ‘Ballads 1’ released in October 2018. This album spawned some global hits such as “Slow Dancing In The Dark” and “Yeah Right.” The new single follows Joji’s first official single “Sanctuary” off of his upcoming 2020 album.

The new single has Joji weeping over a lost love, and he realizes that this lover is long gone. He has no option but to ‘run’ from his feelings for his own safety.

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Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Joji shares with us the subject of the song. He talks about how much of an impact this person had on his life. He talks in the past tense, so we know that this love is there no more.

Joji says that he was completely intoxicated by the magic of her love, and loved the madness that she brought in to the relationship. They were the perfect couple, until whatever that led to their breakup surfaced.

He liked the taste of her skin, a metaphor for sexual intimacy.


In the chorus of the song, we hear Joji lamenting over the love that was. He recalls how they used to think that they were the ‘One’ for each other. But that feeling is long gone for her. This makes us wonder if he still thinks she is the One. He is still in love with her, but she is not.

Joji finds no possible way to get her back to his life. So he can only ‘run’ away from these feelings. But what he does not realize is that those feelings stem from the inside of him and cannot be outrun.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Run,” we hear Joji talking about her moving out of his life. It is unclear as to how she considers this separation a ‘victory.’

What seemed like a crystal clear relationship back then, is now a “mystery” to Joji. He wonders how she could leave such a love for whatever reason that it fell apart.

Joji travelling the country might be him saying that no matter how much he runs away from his feelings about her, he still ends up with the same thoughts. No matter how far you run away physically, your thoughts will always be with you. He will still be with her mentally.

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4 thoughts on “Joji – Run | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

  1. Could the victory refer to her bring able to move on successfully into a new relationship and moving on from him, not lingering or feeling the same way he does? He views as her victory because she put aside her feelings for him, blew out his fuse, but he’s unable to put it behind him or accept his feelings with closure because he’s still tormented by thoughts of their love, and his love for her specifically. It’s more one sided and in his mind now she’s gone.

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