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Niall Horan – No Judgement | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Niall Horan is back with the third single off of his upcoming ‘Heartbreak Weather’ album. This time, he sings about the perfect relationship in which there is “No Judgement” reserved for either one.

‘Heartbreak Weather’ is the second studio album by ex-One Direction member Niall Horan. The new single is preceded by “Nice to Meet Ya” and “Put A Little Love On Me” singles. The new album is expected to release on March 13, 2020.

The music video released for the song starts off with a statement by the singer; “There comes a time in the mating cycle of humans when the need to impress is replaced by a period they call “No Judgement.” Let me tell ya something: it gets a little bit strange.” And this is exactly what is shown in the music video using an elderly couple still doing fun and crazy things together. This is what true love looks like.

Watch “No Judgement” Video by Niall Horan

The lyrics to the single goes on to say that there is no reason to be someone else when you are with the other right half of you. Everything seems to sync without effort and life becomes easy.

The song goes beyond the relationships of lovers into the grounds of friendship as well. Even two friends don’t talk to each other for months, they can still be best friends. It is not about how often they communicate, but how lasting their bond is.

In the early stages of a relationship, both usually walk on eggshells. It is a trying and a testing period. After a while, they get comfortable with each other. Maybe they start losing to realize their priorities. This is when things start to fall off. But if they pull through this trough, it gets to a time of ‘no judgement.’ It’s the ultimate haven for a couple.

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