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Lil Wayne – Funeral | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Funeral” is the opening track on Lil Wayne’s thirteenth studio album titled the same. The song seems to flow on an endless rhyme on how the rapper’s enemies get a “closed casket” after he is done with them. Let us take a deep dive into the lyrics.


Lil Wayne welcomes all of us to his brand new album and the track. He suggests that it is going to be a “closed casket” funeral which usually means the deceased died such a horrific death that the body cannot be displayed to the attendees.

The rapper draws a picture of this funeral ceremony–the choir singing “Kumbaya” and Lil Wayne and his crew booing at the reverend!

He also mentions ‘Pirus’ a Los Angeles based street gang who makes up most of the original ‘Blood Alliance‘ in LA.

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The mention of ‘Uzi’ has two meanings in the context. It has the literal meaning of the ‘Uzi’ gun which Lil Wayne claims to use for his murders. On another note, it is a shoutout to the rapper Lil Uzi Vert, whose name sounds like Lucifer when pronounced fast.


The only verse of the song elaborates on how Lil Wayne commits his acts of revenge. “Bullet holes come through the doors” and Lil Wayne crosses his heart and throws a rose on the deceased bodies.

Lil Wayne also says that you have to die in order to realize who your real friends are. When alive and in power, there are so many “homies” around. When you pass away, there will be very little to attend your funeral.

Lil Wayne also mentions Genoveses, a mob family syndicate associated with the Mafia.

Lil Wayne talks about his teardrop tattoo under his eye. The teardrop tattoo usually means that person has killed a person.

Lil Wayne’s teardrop tattoos (Image:

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