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The Strokes – Bad Decisions | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Even before recovering from The Strokes’ first 2020 release “At The Door,” the rockers have released what is dubbed the “first single” off of their upcoming album ‘The New Abnormal.’ Let us take a look at the lyrics’ meaning and the vintage music video for the song.

The Strokes premiered the first single “Bad Decisions” on February 18, 2020, off of their upcoming sixth studio album. The single is inspired by the beat of Billy Idol’s 1981 single “Dancing With Myself.” The song was released with a music video that looks as vintage as it could.

In this new song, The Strokes hint about being stuck in a toxic relationship. This relationship, or rather the girl, has him making ‘bad decisions.’ Why doesn’t he leave? Let’s find out.

Watch “Bad Decisions” Music Video by The Strokes

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Bad Decisions”

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, The Strokes paint a picture of their dimly-lit living room where his girlfriend is sitting next to him. The singer dives into his thoughts. He thinks about how his girlfriend is a constant guest in his dreams. Is he enjoying it? Most likely no! Because he plans to limit her in the dreams as much as possible.

This is a clear sign that he is pretty much tired of being with her. What reasons? Why isn’t he leaving? Hopefully, future lyrics will shed some light on these areas.

The Strokes also mention ‘Moscow 1972’ which could be a reference to the time they set this setting in. The very vintage music video could be a parallel to this timeline.


In the chorus of the track, the singer says that he is making bad decisions for his girlfriend. What kinds? Whatever they are, it is unlikely that she is forcing his hands to do so. It could also be that he does these out of love!


In this section of the music video, we see The Strokes members getting dolled and customized and being sold on the market.

The lyrics suggest that the duo is engaging in some drastic actions that involve a gun. The singer has a prayer “Save us from harm.” However, in the next line, he says “safe or alone” which could mean that if they are forced to be together ‘let them be safe.’ If not, he would rather prefer to be alone.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, we learn that the singer is scared to death of his girlfriend. He notes down everything she says because if he forgets, the consequences are dire.

He also pleads the girl not to be around him anymore! He says that he doesn’t want to see him after he “look around” which could suggest that he is turning his life around. The singer wants no negative influences when he drops this life. He gathers up the nerve to call her a “fool” for making him make “bad decisions.”


In these lyrics, The Strokes singer reveals that he has given plenty of chances for her to turn her life around. Maybe she did not see a reason to do it or maybe she did not try! Finally, it has come for an ultimatum! It cannot work like this anymore.


The Strokes also says that they don’t want to give out credits for their ‘bad decisions.’ Maybe this is a sign that says even they feel guilty about making bad decisions despite her influence. But they are taking a stand now. No more!

Good for them!

Let us hear what you think about this 2020 single by The Strokes. Excited for the band’s comeback? Drop a comment below.

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