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Powfu – Death Bed | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Powfu’s viral hit “Death Bed” finally released alongside his year-old EP ‘Some Boring, Love Stories, Pt. 2.’ The song became a major sensation on the video-sharing network ‘TikTok’ much like Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

“Death Bed” garnered over 5 million streams on SoundCloud where it was first released. Similarly, its upload on YouTube racked up over 24 million views. The song features vocals by Beabadoobee as well.

Upon officially releasing the song, Powfu took to Instagram to express the gratitude to the fans and collaborators; “Thank u so much for your patience and support on this song 💖 God has blessed me with everyone of u 😁 It’s already trending on Apple and TikTok so let’s get this sh*t going crazy on Spotify as well! Big shoutout to @radvxz and @otterpop1234 for the amazing sample and beat ❤️❤️.”

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Death Bed”

“Death Bed” seemingly intertwines two topics–love and death. The singer seems to be talking about his relationship with a girl while his days on this Earth are numbered.

Verse 1

These sweet lyrics are an address to Powfu’s girlfriend who sits by him and encourages him ever so to live it up. Because both of them know that his days are numbered.

Powfu is scared to fall asleep because he is unsure if he will wake up from it. He wants to think about their future together, but he also knows that it is not a reality for him. So he wishes her to be happy with someone else;

“Getting married, start a family, watch your husband with his son”

It really is a very unfortunate and sad situation.

Verse 2

Powfu reminisces to a younger time and more lively time for them. He remembers all the fun and crazy things they did. Talking in the middle of the night, sneaking into her room past midnight, making goofy videos, church together, watching movies together and more. It all seems too strong of a bond to leave behind. But such is life!

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7 thoughts on “Powfu – Death Bed | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

  1. A very emotional song and lyrics
    Really got me wondering what was going on in his minds , cus i believe it’s takes someone who is truly dying of someone watching someone die to compose this

    Love the music a lot

  2. This song always reminds me of a good friend who passed away last year. I can imagine him thinking this as he lay dying except he died very unexpectedly and suddenly as he was murdered . Still a great song sometimes it’s nice to listen to something with so much emotion in it.

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