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The Weeknd – After Hours | Lyrics Review & Song Meaning

The Weeknd released the title track of his upcoming album ‘After Hours.’ The Weeknd also shared the release date of the album (March 20) along with the new track release. Let us dive into the lyrics of this melancholic beat.

This new track is The Weeknd’s third release from the album following “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights.” The song artworks follow a similar dramatic theme of The Weeknd stuck in messy and dangerous situations.

“After Hours” track seems to be an apology to an ex or even all of his exes. The song follows a darker theme than its predecessors and Abel says “I’m fallin’ in too deep” without ‘her’ in his life.

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Verse 1

Abel starts off the song by confessing that he is having nightmares–the kind where you almost die. Dreams are often triggered by the thoughts stored deep in your consciousness. So Abel must be contemplating his life quite deeply while he is awake. Why these nightmares?

The Weeknd thinks he is “falling too deep” without a certain ‘her’ in his life. This could be a reference to his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid or a general reference to her exes from the past.

However, the lyrics turn into the form of an apology. He says that he will do anything to have ‘her’ back in his life. He even shows how serious he is by saying that he wants babies with her too. Maybe this was a reason why this specific ex broke up with The Weeknd in the first place?

Verse 2

The Weeknd recalls back his “darkest hours.” Maybe of infidelity? There is a party going on filled with beautiful ladies. Abel is all alone in the crowd. He sees sexy women dancing around him and giving him looks. “I turned into the man I used to be,” maybe suggests that The Weeknd could not resist these women and imagined himself a commitment-less man for a moment. Maybe he cheated on her.

Now, all alone again, Abel just wants to make himself go to sleep so that he dreams of her ‘baby’ sleeping next to him. This is as close as he is getting to her right now.


In the chorus of “After Hours,” The Weeknd is heard apologizing for breaking her hear. He says that he would give anything just to hold her close to him.

Verse 3

The Weeknd admits that his lavish lifestyle drove this girl away. He definitely had enough money to spend on lavish parties, booze, cars and possibly women. Now he realizes that he had his priorities all wrong.


In these lyrics, Abel further says that it is his fault that he made her drop her guard for him and he completely broke her heart. There is nothing he can do to reverse what happened. But he can try to be different.

These lyrics also seem to admit that The Weeknd was, in fact, unfaithful to his girlfriend; “I stayed with her in spite of you.” It is doubtful that this apology will win this girl back.

Let us know what you think about this song and who do you think this song about? Drop a comment below.

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