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Lauv – Modern Loneliness | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Lauv has some brand new music for 2020 ahead of his debut studio album release. Titled “Modern Loneliness,” the song touches on the topic of modern teenagers who are more connected and even more disconnected at the same time. Let us take a look at the lyrics and meaning of the song.

“Modern Loneliness” releases as the 10th roll out from Lauv’s debut studio album “~how i’m feeling~” expected to drop in March 2020. The song follows some hits such as “Drugs & The Internet,” “Mean It,” “Sims,” “Feelings,” “Sad Forever” and more.

Several days before the release of the song, Lauv took to Instagram to express his opinion on the track; “on thursday i’m releasing my favorite song i’ve ever made..the most important song of my career so sums up everything about why i think so many of us are lonely today. it’s something i’m so proud of and i know you guys will love it.”

Watch “Modern Loneliness” Music Video by Lauv

However, it is not so much about the video;

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Modern Loneliness”

Verse 1

Lauv draws a comparison between the generation before him taking his father for an example. We all have parents who have worked extremely hard to provide whatever they have provided us. In this light, we reflect on ourselves. Have we done enough? Have we done justice to their efforts? Most often than not, these questions leave us depressed and feeling empty of achievements.

Love is one solution to this feeling. But it is not the final answer.


In these modern times, there is so little that helps a teenager form a positive frame of mind. We are surrounded by corrupt rulers, there is enough poverty, there is global-scale catastrophes happening, and children are more inhuman than ever.

Lauv talks about the baggage from his past that keeps him weighed down to the ground. He finds little courage and encouragement to get up with this weight on him.


These lyrics beautifully sums up what is wrong in the modern world.

There is so much technology all around us that keeps the entire world connected within a matter of seconds. Technology like such is truly amazing and helpful. But it has also distorted this society in an irrecoverable manner. We are more disconnected than ever while being connected to the Internet 24*7. Why is this?

We always have something to do on the Internet and someone to talk to. But we don’t. Even if we do, it can never match the richness of live human interactions. Emotions have been left at the doorstep and this is not good. This may be one of the biggest reasons for the spike in depression among kids in modern times.

We love to get high on drugs, music, sex, passions and what not. But we don’t know how to be grounded. So we float away into a beautiful abyss.

Verse 2

Breaking down your DNA to find your problems is not the approach to take. There are so many issues within this broken system and almost all of them have to do with our mentality. And unfortunately for us, our mental state or consciousness cannot be touched and dissected physically. Only you are the master of your own mind.

Lauv has an important message in “Modern Loneliness” and something we all should really think about. Let us hear what you think about this song and what it means to you. Drop a comment below and share this article with your friends.

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