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Mean It – Lauv & LANY (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Singer/songwriter Lauv has a new album coming out, but not as soon as you would want it to. The singer’s debut studio album ‘~how i’m feeling~’ has an estimated time of arrival of March 2020. However, Lauv has not stopped raining down on us with new music as we move on to the seventh release from the album “Mean It.”

Lauv’s ‘~how i’m feeling~’ album has already produced some hit sensations such as “i’m so tired…” featuring Troye Sivan, “Feelings,” and “Drugs & The Internet.” The new single “Mean It” features vocals by fellow singer/songwriter LANY.

In an interview with The Line of Best Fit, Lauv talked about the inspiration behind the track and working with LANY; “Paul and I had been talking about working together for a long time, then one day I texted him the idea for the song and it just clicked. So we all got in the studio and had a grand ol’ time finishing the record. I’ve been a fan of LANY for a long time, and I think it’s a perfect blend of our two sounds, so I’m super stoked and honoured to have this song together.”

In the song, we hear the artists share verses on how being in a one-sided love feels like. Both singers admit that they want their partner to be 100% in or fully out. “No kisses” if they don’t mean it. Watch the music video below.

When you love someone and they don’t love you the same way back, it just hurts. It puts a spin on the entire perspective on love. Every time they get in proximity, the one in love has to wonder what each and every muscle movement on the other one’s body means. It’s a mind-numbing process.

The curiosity of not knowing what the other person thinks of you is just the tip of the iceberg of mental tortures. What does that smile mean? What does that glance mean? Are they ever going to think about you the same way you do? It is an endless train of thought and it doesn’t help you be.

Lauv and LANY have hope, though. They believe that their lovers could turn around. Would a text back mean that they are willing to keep talking? Or is it just courtesy. Whichever the case is, Lauv and LANY are not about to accept ‘test runs;’ “Don’t tell me you’re falling with your feet still on the ledge.”

Both artists prefer to live loveless than to have loved and lost. Which is better, is a personal choice!

Let us hear what you think about “Mean It” by Lauv and LANY, their first collaboration together. Interested in more collabs? Rate the article and share with your friends.

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