BTS – Inner Child (English) | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Inner Child” is the fourteenth track on BTS’ 2020 album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.’ This song is a solo by BTS member V, discussing on himself and growing up. Let us take a deeper look at the song’s meaning and lyrics.

‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7′ is BTS’ eleventh studio album and fourth full-length album. It is also the second installment of the ‘MAP OF THE SOUL’ series, following ‘Persona’ released in 2019. The album produced singles such as “Black Swan,” “Make It Right,” and “Outro” prior to the album release on February 21, 2020.

Verse 1

V thinks back to the time he was just a child, looking at the stars, wondering what is going to happen to his future. All he saw was a black sky and tiny stars–no galaxies in sight. He knew back then that he was destined for something more than just tiny stars. He saw himself conquering galaxies. And it was a tiring journey to the galaxy far away. But finally, he is there and it was all worth it.

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The chorus of the song suggests a pursuit of a relationship by V. He describes a vibrant summer evening in which he went to her door and knocked on it. He mutters to himself “We gonna change.”

Verse 2

The second verse of the song swings back and forth between a recollection of V’s childhood memories and a romantic affair. He recalls a time where his relationship was not going well. Then his mind draws further back–to a time when it was filled with joy and laughter. The innocence of childhood where nothing was ever something else. Things were much clearer back then. However, the “we” in these lyrics could also be a reference to himself or his conscience as well.


What seemed like a romantic affair now blends back into V’s childhood memories. V says that he will be “you” once again, referring to his childhood self. The child’s eyes that illuminated back then, they are now his. And they are looking at the galaxies he has conquered. But were the tiny stars better all along?


A mantra of “We gon’ change” follows the song into its ending. V is committed to making a change in himself. Maybe a clap back at the childhood’s innocence and simplicity? Maybe a step backward towards a less complicated life?

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