BTS 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)

BTS – 00:00 (Zero O’Clock) (English) | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” is the thirteenth track on BTS’ 2020 album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.’ The song spreads the sweet message that nobody has to feel down about having a bad day because, at 00.00 O’Clock, the time resets into a brand new day, and it will be better!

‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7′ is BTS’ eleventh studio album and fourth full-length album. It is also the second installment of the ‘MAP OF THE SOUL’ series, following ‘Persona’ released in 2019. The album produced singles such as “Black Swan,” “Make It Right,” and “Outro” prior to the album release on February 21, 2020.

Verse 1

Jungkook starts off by giving an example of a bad day. You are sad for no reason and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You feel like giving up and there is no one to talk to. You start to build anger towards the world.

Verse 2

Jimin adds on the first verse. You constantly think ‘why all these issues happen to me?’ It makes you even sadder, but you can’t run away from these problems.


On days like these, you come home and crash on your bed. You think to yourself ‘when will this suffering end?’ You look at the clock and it’s almost midnight.

Verse 3

Then you feel a little lighter. You know this day is about to end. Tomorrow will be a brand new day and different from today. It has to be and it will be.

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In the chorus of the track, BTS gives an assurance that you will be okay tomorrow. More so, you will be happier tomorrow. Because, after the clock strikes midnight, it is a brand new day. All of your worries of yesterday are reset. BTS keeps on reassuring that “you gonna be happy.”

Verse 4

The fourth verse consists of a lot of self-doubt by Jimin. He says that at times he is so pressured to perform well for his fans that he forget familiar lyrics. Maybe even he cannot touch the beat properly. He questions himself what he should do about this. But there is no answer within himself.


BTS sings that together they are strong and successful. ‘Tomorrow’ is a brand new day with brand new possibilities and opportunities. So don’t let yourself down for tomorrow as well. Finish those negative thoughts within the day itself and expect a better day tomorrow. And it shall be so.

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