Jhené Aiko – Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.) Ft. Future & Miguel | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Jhené Aiko has more new songs and visuals ahead of her third studio album release expected in early March 2020. The new song, titled “Happiness Over Everything” and shortened as “H.O.E.” is a collaboration with Future and Miguel. Let us take a look at the lyrics and meaning of the song.

“Happiness Over Everything” releases as the final single before the album ‘Chilombo’ drops on March 6, 2020. Previously, we saw the release of songs such as “Triggered (Freestyle),” “None of Your Concern,” and “Pu$$y Fairy (OTW).”

The chorus of the track has been heavily inspired by Andre 3000’s track “Where Are My Panties” from 2003.

Watch “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)” Video by Jhene Aiko

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Happiness Over Everything”


Future kicks start the song by talking about the differences in views of himself and his love counterpart. The red roses that once resembled their flaming love have turned to ashes. She is not grounded; her mind wandering around in the crooked corners of the Internet. There is nothing “real” about her situation now.


All three artists contribute to the hook of the song. The guy sings that he doesn’t think she is a bad girl for giving into sex on their very first date. The singer wonders if this is a reason why she is avoiding him now. But he also wonders if now she is “set-free” with the sexual encounter they had and she is roaming freely. She seems liberated!

Verse 1

Jhené Aiko sings of the female perspective of the song. She says that she has no intention of holding him down to herself. She understands that it was just a hookup. But what she doesn’t know is that the guy does not think of it the same way.

Jhené Aiko also suggests that she is into the whole ‘hook up’ thing. “That print in them sweatpants,” is a reference to the bulge on the guy’s pants and she admits that sometimes she thinks about him.

Aiko tells us that ‘aggression’ is her normal way and asks the guys not to be scared of that. She might bite though!

Verse 2

The second verse by Future, also speaks the guy’s perspective on the whole situation. Even he suggests that she “could have easily been my wife.” But the whole situation has been turned upside-down for some reason.


Miguel and Jhené Aiko join vocals on the ending of the song to sing their mantra: happiness over everything. However, choosing this mantra might make you seem like a H.O.E. to some people. But happiness really is the ultimate goal of life.

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