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Machine Gun Kelly – Bullets with Names | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Although Machine Gun Kelly announced that he will be releasing a rock album in 2020, he is rewording it to be ‘pop-punk.’ Hence, we get the new trap banger “Bullets with Names.” The song already sparked some buzz among the fans as some lyrics may be seen referring to MGK’s beef with Eminem.

“Bullets with Names” packs vocals by Young Thug, RJMrLA, and Lil Duke. The track is a part of MGK’s 2020 summer album titled ‘Tickets To My Downfall.’ The song seems to warn their opponents that they are not to be messed with.

In the chorus of the song, Machine Gun Kelly raps;

“Look, I got a bullet with somebody’s name on it
I get up on ’em, I don’t need no aim on it
Killed me a goat so my jacket got stains on it”

Starting from “’em” being an acronym for Eminem, these lyrics also talk about a goat being murdered by MGK. ‘G.O.A.T.’ in hip hop stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time,’ a common phrase used for Eminem’s musical legacy. If it is about Eminem, this is a continuation of their beef from 2018 which spawned some brilliant diss tracks such as “RAP DEVIL” by MGK and “KILLSHOT” by Eminem.

In Eminem’s 2020 album ‘Music To Be Murdered By‘ track “Unaccomodating,” he raps;

“But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is
I cleansed him of his mortal sins, I’m God and the Lord forgives even the devil worshippers

Eminem seemed to declare the beef over with Machine Gun Kelly and says that he is the ‘Rap God’ and he forgives MGK for his sins–going against him. However, MGK may not be done with this beef just yet.

Listen to “Bullets with Names” by Machine Gun Kelly

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Check out the complete lyrics and further song meaning breakdown on Genius.

Update: 17/03/2020

MGK released the official music video featuring the artists in collaboration on the track. Watch below.

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