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Michael Jackson – Heal the World | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

In times of grief and sorrow, we often turn to music. “Heal the World” was Michael Jackson’s cry for the planet Earth and its children. The song’s relevance keeps on growing every passing day, as human values deteriorate and Earth’s destruction skyrockets.

“Heal the World” was released as the fifth single off of Michael Jackson’s eighth studio album ‘Dangerous’ released in 1991. The touched many hearts around the world as seen through its high chart rankings in many countries. In the UK, the song peaked at #1, stopping behind Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” The song sold over a million copies around the world.

“Heal the World” and “We Are the World” songs were played at the Michael Jackson’s memorial service at the Staples Centre, LA in 2009. MJ was rehearsing the song at the same venue just weeks earlier for his planned “This Is It” tour.

‘Heal the World’ Foundation

This is a charitable organization founded by Michael Jackson in 1992. The objective of this non-profit organization was to “to improve the conditions for children throughout the world.” Through this organization, Michael Jackson has raised millions of dollars to this cause.

According to Songfacts, Michael Jackson said this song is the one he is most proud to have created.

Watch “Heal the World” Video by Michael Jackson

“Heal the World” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review


A child’s voice at the beginning of the video sends out the message of the entire song–a better world for future generations.

Verse 1

Michael Jackson sings about the ‘love’ inside all of us which has immense power to heal anyone that it touches. Despite a person’s outer appearance or his past, MJ says that he believes everyone is capable of love. Everyone should reach into this special place inside them and bring it out for the world.


MJ invites everyone to spread love all around us. Make a little place for love all around us. This will make the world a better place for the future.


Michael Jackson’s cry is to ‘heal the world.’ There are so many issues in the world at every corner of it. There is war, famine, poverty, hunger, disease, pollution, inequalities and the list goes on. Being ’empathetic’ is the solution to all this. We, as human beings, should be able to feel the pain of another human being. If we could do that, the world would be a much brighter place tomorrow.

Verse 2

‘Love’ is the easiest thing to give out that can help overcome these problems. Love is strong and infectious. Fear and dread can be chased away with love.


MJ turns towards religion in these lyrics of the song. He says the Earth is being crucified by its own inhabitants. But do we have to? MJ says that there is God’s grace everywhere on this Earth and we have to see it. People have to realize that there is no need to go to a heaven after death. Heaven can be created on this planet itself.

Verse 3

With love, peace, and joy all around us, humans can achieve great feats. Michael Jackson knows this and feels it in his heart. His only wish is to see people shedding tears of joy and all the nations to be at peace.

Swords to ploughshares’ is an idea where military weapons are turned into peaceful civilian tools. This symbolizes the end of war.

The King of Pop had a beautiful vision of healing for this humankind. It is unfortunate to see that his dream is likely to be a utopian dream every passing year. Hopefully, there will come a turning point for humanity. Until that day, we pray!

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