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Conan Gray – Heather | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Heather” is the tenth track on Conan Gray’s 2020 debut studio album ‘Kid Krow.’ The song makes the artist want to decompose and melt himself and he invites us to join him. Well, why not!

In a previous article, we looked at “Wish You Were Sober,” also from ‘Kid Krow.’ “Heather,” too, flows in a similar theme of heartache.

In a Tweet, Conan Gray expressed his feelings towards this song; “i can’t wait for y’all to hear “heather” off of this cuz it makes me want to die and i’m tired of being the only one crying i want y’all to cry with me.”

With Apple Music, Conan Gray explained the idea behind the song;

‘Heather’ is the song on the album that I always cry to. I think it’s the most honest recount of my love life at the moment. It’s about a girl named Heather. I think everyone has a Heather in their life. The person that I really, really liked was in love with Heather. They were not in love with me, and because of that, I f**king hated Heather. I hated Heather with all of my heart and soul. I had no reason to hate Heather. Heather is a perfectly nice girl. She’s sweet and she’s pure and she smells like daisies—she’s perfect, but I hate her. It’s this humiliating thing to admit, but it’s just true. I’m scared to see how people are going to react, because it isn’t a good thing to think something like that, but I also think it’s something that I’ve never really heard anyone admit. I’m sorry, Heather. You’re a wonderful person.”

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“Heather” Lyrics Review & Song Meaning

Verse 1

Conan Gray reflects back to a specific date that is printed on his mind forever-December 3rd. Conan was wearing his crush’s sweater and the crush says that it looks better on Conan. Maybe these words have made this memory a very special one for Conan.

However, Heather walks by them right then. Conan’s crush’s head turns towards her as she passes them. At that moment Conan knows that he can’t have this person in his life.


As Conan agreed in the interviews above, Heather is a perfectly nice girl and gorgeously beautiful. Conan Gray has no doubts that his crush is falling hard for this girl, and he can’t do anything about it. Conan Gray just dies inside watching all this unfold before him.


In the chorus of the song, Conan Gray wonders about the time his crush kissed him! Why would they do that if they liked this other girl?

The sweater in this song symbolizes love and affection. The sweater, which was on Conan in the first verse, now passes on to Heather. Suddenly, Conan loses all value in that sweater–“it’s just polyester.” Whichever the case is, Conan realizes that he is losing his crush for this girl.

Verse 2

Conan Gray notices his crush with Heather one day and they are holding hands. The crush puts their hand over the shoulder of Heather. While she is getting warmer, Conan is growing colder just looking at this scene. He feels alone, unloved and lost.

Conan Gray wishes things were different and he had his crush all to himself. But you can’t force matters of the heart, and he accepts that. Although some dark thoughts cross Conan’s mind about this girl who is stealing his crush, he decides to write them down. But there is a deep pain that emits out of these lyrics that we can all feel.

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12 thoughts on “Conan Gray – Heather | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. oh i thought it was a girl that left him for another girl it so sad still though. i listen to it over and over whil i work on school work and genius hour and study for midterm finals

  2. I don’t think hr grows colder because of the sadness, but because he no longer has the sweater to wrap around him to keep him warm.

  3. I guess the song is really hit. I can feel the soul in this song. It makes me sad when you love someone but he loves somebody else. Great job Conan. Be strong!

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