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Joji – Gimme Love | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Gimme Love” is the latest release by Joji from his upcoming 2020 album. The song tackles a theme of love as suggested in the title.

The song follows “Run” and “Sanctuary” as the third single off of Joji’s new album ‘Nectar’ due to be released in July 2020. The new single possesses an ominous beat which progressively transforms into a balladic beat throughout the song.

The music video for “Gimme Love” shows Joji’s journey towars becoming an astronaut. There is a lot of blood and gore in the first half of the video, even though he is not a student of medicine!

Watch “Gimme Love” Video by Joji

In the only verse of the song, we hear Joji asking several questions, possibly from himself. He seems to be hurt, either from being in the wrong relationship or not being in one at all. He does raise the question “Remember those times I fought to get out?” suggesting that he may have been stuck in the wrong relationship. Or it could also mean that he was trying to mend some affairs within the relationship.

However, the relationship seems to have fallen apart, despite Joji’s efforts. He recalls the feeling to “ashes and fire.” Maybe the reason being his lover doesn’t “feel,” “heal” and is not “real.” This may allude to the robotic nature of some people in the modern world.

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3 thoughts on “Joji – Gimme Love | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. i feel that ….. the song is actually about his raise to be a internet famous individual only to leave it all behind at the very end to go onto to bigger things while not caring about the lost effort he has put in as he was allowed to see what the top or being in orbit feels like. Orbit and satellites and the web can be intervened. There is obviously loss of friends and angering people after putting them through so much already.

    I dont know i feel like a relationship between his career is more interestin than a relationship with somebody. You is his past self and his old audience who is asking to miss him when he is gone.

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