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G-Eazy – Had Enough | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

G-Eazy is back with a brand new single just before his 2020 album drops. The song, speaking about G-Eazy’s past relationship, is thought to be addressing his relationship with singer Halsey. What is “Had Enough” by G-Eazy about? Let’s find out.

“Had Enough” was released as the first single off of G-Eazy’s 2020 project ‘Everything’s Strange Here’ released on June 26, 2020. The single released a day before the album dropped, along with a music video.

There are some indirect references to Eazy’s post-relationship with Halsey which have given thoughts to that this song is in fact about Halsey. We will take a look at these hints next.

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“Had Enough” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

G-Eazy straight away spills out what this song is about: his crazy ex! Well, this song is not improving his chances with his ex! But that is not the purpose of the song either. He wants to clear the air about all the one-sided truth out there.

G-Eazy knows he failed some “test” put forth by his ex, and that was the last straw. In late 2018, G-Eazy was caught cheating on Halsey. This lead to their breakup and Halsey spawning one of her biggest hits to-date: “Without Me.”

G-Eazy says that he was pretty much publicly harassed by her ex as she went on talking about their relationship and the split with everyone, even on TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Halsey did perform “Without Me” live on Ellen.

G-Eazy says that she wanted to see him lose. There were no other intentions behind her ‘public’ rants. But he says he is hard to kill and also reminds her ex that karma comes back around. But he is okay with her hating him. G-Eazy might be admitting to his mistakes that lead to the breakup. But the public shaming was uncalled for?!


In the chorus of the song, we hear G-Eazy saying that he fell out of love in his relationship which may have lead to him cheating on her. He has had enough of this relationship and it seemed like she has had enough as well. However, cheating is not the solution!

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, G-Eazy says that his ex took no time to get back on the rebound as if their relationship had no meaning to her. The breakup between G-Eazy and Halsey sparked out in October 2018 and in November 2018, rumors of dating spawned between Halsey and singer YUNGBLUD. The two of them released “11 Minutes” in February 2019.

The lyric “But let somebody say “G-Eazy,” you go apeshit” has a story behind it. During Halsey’s pre-superbowl performance in February 2020, a fan began yelling “G-Eazy” nonstop and Halsey stopped her performance midway and threated to kick the fan out.

This probably makes G-Eazy a feel a little better about their breakup. For one thing, this shows that Halsey is still not fully over G-Eazy, and on another note, this may remind G-Eazy of the “crazy” part of his ex he talked about at the beginning of the song.

The second verse also hints that Halsey might have tried to reconnect with G-Eazy since their breakup. Calls, texting his friends and re-following on some social media platform, are all signs that the fire is still burning inside of her.

But G-Eazy has a clear response for her: “Leave me alone, I don’t like you.” Blunt!

G-Eazy lets us and his ex know that he is over this relationship and the drama that followed. So if she wants to keep on hating on him, she could. But he is through!


In the outro of “Had Enough,” G-Eazy makes a rather not-so-subtle reference to Halsey. He sings “You wonder how I lived without you, babe” which seems to be a direct response to Halsey’s “Without Me” a song which claims that G-Eazy is nothing without her!

Finally, G-Eazy samples lines from Carly Simon’s 1972 hit “You’re So Vain” as a response to Halsey’s claim above. With this last blow, G-Eazy reduces her ex from the status of even receiving a post-breakup song about her; “You probably think this song is about you.”

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