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Justin Bieber – Holy Ft. Chance The Rapper | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Justin Bieber announced his upcoming single “Holy” on social media on September 11, 2020. The song also features vocals by Chance The Rapper. This is the first release from Bieber’s upcoming sixth album project, yet to be revealed.

Along with the announcement of the song, Justin Bieber also unveiled a new website ‘jbsoon.com‘ including pre-saves of the song.

The artwork for the song shows a desolate land next to a railway track, and a lonely person walking away by the tracks.

“Holy” was premiered on September 18, 2020, after a live appearance of Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper on YouTube.

Watch “Holy” Movie by Justin Bieber & Chance the Rapper

The entire song is a quite wholesome package from the lyrics to the music to the visuals. Justin Bieber portrays an oil miner, and the company gets shut down due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the global restrictions on travel due to Covid-19, the oil industry is one of the most affected businesses around the world.

On top of losing his job, Justin Bieber and his wife, played by actress Ryan Destiny, lose their apartment for obvious reasons. When they are forced into the road, walking wherever their head takes them, they meet a solider returning from duty. Actor Wilmer Valderrama plays the role of the solider who offers Justin Bieber and his wife a ride after realizing that they are in a tough spot. They all go to the solider’s home for a warm meal and lots of love.

The music video shows this storyline, which is a perfect example of what ‘humanity’ should look like. The video is directed by Colin Tilley.

“Holy” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

While the music video shows the best of humanity, the lyrics to the song takes a more religious tone. He talks about being lead to the right path by the grace of God. He admits that he has not had the best of conduct in the past, but it all changes with his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, his current wife. The music video can be seen as finding God’s traits within other humans.

Verse 1

In these lyrics, Justin Bieber admits that he has not been a ‘saint’ in his life so far. But through love, specifically with his marriage to Hailey Baldwin, his life has taken a turn for the best.

Rivers are closely associated with the confession of sins and water is associated with the act of Baptism in Christianity. The power of love he has been receiving is so great, that he feels heavenly in the presence of his wife.


Justin Bieber is not about to pass on this glorious feeling of heavenly when he is with Hailey Baldwin. So he does not hesitate to run to the altar to marry her.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Holy,” Justin Bieber seems to admit that he does not do well with drama. This is in contrary to what his behavior has been a few years back. So these words are from a man who has taken a complete turn on his ways.

Justin Bieber also sings that he does not believe in ‘nirvana.’ ‘Nirvana’ is a concept most commonly found in Buddhism and is one of the core principles of the religion. It signifies ending of the cycle of life and entering into a state of nothing. However, Justin Bieber is not about to pass on his heavenly experience with his partner.


In the bridge of the song, we hear Justin Bieber regretting nothing about marrying ‘young.’ Justin Bieber is 26-years-old (2020), and he married Hailey Baldwin in September 2018, at the age of 24. This would be considered a quite young age for someone to marry, and especially for a global popstar. But when you know it’s the time, there is no need for waiting.

Justin Bieber also pays homage to Elvis Presley’s iconic love tribute track “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by quoting its lyric “wise men say, only fools rush in.”

Verse 3

Chance the Rapper joins in on “Holy” to advocate Justin Bieber’s story so far.

He mentions that taking the first step towards the Father (of the holy trinity) would be the hardest, but is also the most important. But when you come out of that water, after your confessions, you will be more human–a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone.

Chance the Rapper also mentions several personnel from popculture. Joe Pesci is an American actor who starred in the 1990 Martin Scorsese movie ‘Goodfellas’ as Tommy DeVito, a man with short temper. He also menions the legendary footballer Lionel Messi, who’s dominant foot is the left.

“Cross, Tween, Tween, Hesi” are various trick moves in basketball.

He ends his verse with a motivational line; “I know we believe in God, and I know God believes in us.” In these treacherous times in 2020, we hope these words will help whoever in need of help.

They say ‘if you love someone, let them know,’ and this song is a perfect example and a tribute of Justin Bieber’s love for his wife Hailey Baldwin. May they stay blessed forever!

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