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MAX – Blueberry Eyes Ft. SUGA | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

MAX released an enchanting tribute to his wife, Emily Schneider, as they expect their first child together. The song, titled “Blueberry Eyes,” is a reference to Emily’s incredibly blue eyes. She also stars in the music video, glowing in happiness.

“Blueberry Eyes” marks the second collaboration between MAX and BTS member SUGA, following “Burn It” from May 2020. According to MAX, he sent SUGA the entire album and let him pick up a song he wants to feature in. The song is part of MAX’s 2020 album ‘Colour Vision.’

The entire music video is color-coded in the color blue, from actual blueberries, to clothes, to flowers, and even wall paintings.

The verse in Korean by SUAG was used by MAX and Emily to renew their wedding vows, as we see in the music video.

Watch “Blueberry Eyes” Video by MAX Ft. SUGA

The entire song is dedicated to confessing MAX’s evergrowing love towards his wife, Emily. He sings about how intoxicated he is with her spirit and body.

MAX also hides no emotions in letting everybody know how eagerly he is waiting to be the father of their child. He tells us that he is waiting for the day he holds the baby girl in his hands and let her sleep on his chest! <3

The second verse by SUGA also draws a beautiful picture of the adoration of the woman of his dreams. He calls her “a ray of light that cut through my shadow.” He thanks her for helping him get his life straight. However, he also sneaks in a ‘thank you’ to the BTS fanbase, officially known as ‘ARMY’ at the end of his verse; “U AR e MY light.”

The song and the music video are absolutely gorgeous and a beautiful welcome present for MAX and Emily’s baby daughter.

Extend well wishes and good health to this beautiful family in the comments below.

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