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6ix9ine – TUTU | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Despite Tekashi 6ix9ine having a rough time with the sales of his new album ‘TattleTales,’ he certainly seems to have had a lot of fun with the songs and the videos released from the album. The brand new addition to a list of highly provocative music videos is “TUTU.”

The rapper got released from jail earlier this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic fears. Since the release, 6ix9ine produced and released “GOOBA,” “TROLLZ,” “YAYA,” and “PUNANI.”

Living up to the ‘controversial’ standard of 6ix9ine’s previous music videos this year, “TUTU,” features models with bare-minimum clothing and their curves covered in sprinkles, dancing, and shooting flame-throwers in front of a half a dozen luxury cars.

Watch “TUTU” Video by Six9ine


Following a similar theme to “GOOBA,” “TUTU” also seems to address 6ix9ine’s haters, who grew in numbers after his ratting-out incident in 2019.

In the song, 6ix9ine talks about how the competition tries to imitate him in order to mimic his success. But he says “You can’t do this ’cause you ain’t me.” He also says that everybody hates him because nobody is as successful as him, doing what he does.

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