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BLACKPINK – You Never Know | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“You Never Know” is the eighth and final track on BLACKPINK’s 2020 album titled ‘The Album.’

The K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK are releasing their first full-length album titled ‘The Album’ on October 2, 2020. This highly anticipated project comes with two singles “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez. The album has already passed a million pre-orders before the album is released.

“You Never Know” is a motivational track about pursuing your dreams. Despite whatever the odds that are thrown your way, if you want to go for a goal, there is nothing stopping you from getting there, except only for yourself. The song also touches on how no one should be swayed by what others say to you, because they don’t know your story.

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“You Never Know” English Lyrics Meaning and song Review

Verse 1

Jisoo and Lisa combine vocals on this track to say that it is easy for strangers all over the internet to just spurt out words without thinking about the consequences. But those words do get to the artists. And they are mostly tired of the false accusations about them that are given birth on social media and are interpreted to be the truth.


Rosé performs the chorus of the song. She says that the whole world around her might change, but she is going to stay true to herself. Despite the negativity and hate towards them, they are still going to keep their head held high. It was their dream to become global superstars one day and now that they are there, nothing else will get them down.


Jennie and Jisoo join vocals for the chorus of the track. In these lines, they suggest that no one can judge them except for themselves. Nobody knows their story, and nobody has walked in their shoes. So it is unfair for people to be judging them and making false stories about them. However, no matter what everyone else says or does, they are not going to change their ways. They are not on a road of revenge, but rather a ladder of success.

Verse 2

Lisa and Jennie talk about how the world around them gets to them sometimes. The hate and negativity do flood their heads some times. These are the days when they don’t want to do anything but get swallowed by their bed. They also suggest that the bigger BLACKPINK gets, the more exposure to hate and negativity they subject to.


In the bridge of the song, we realize that the BLACKPINK girls remain defiant in the face of all these ups and downs. They call themselves unsinkable. The girls try to look over the clouds, and they see the bright sun, which suggests that they opt to look into a positive future than a negative present. Life lessons for all of us!

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4 thoughts on “BLACKPINK – You Never Know | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. I love blackpink even thoughrt they will disbnd in 2023 if they renew their contract I will be so hppuy it will be the happiest I v been

  2. Blackpink remains a legend to us,no matter how the hate,anger blackpink gets,They are still remarkable,worthy to their fans, it’s alright to have haters because you can’t please anyone and it’s also main reason because they are on the top.I promise I would protect blackpink

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