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AC/DC – Shot in the Dark | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The legendary rock music icon AC/DC just cannot stay out of the picture as they return for a new and a whole new album in the works in 2020. The new single, titled “Shot in the Dark,” is a reminiscence of the classic AC/DC style.

AC/DC has been in operation for nearly 50 years (since 1973), and it is only natural that the band has lost some of its members along the way. However, one of the band’s founding members, Malcolm Young, had to retire from the music scene due to health issues in 2014 and passed away in 2017. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Angus Young told that the new album is a tribute to his brother Malcolm Young. The upcoming EP is titled ‘Power Up,’ or fashioned as ‘PWR/UP.’

Angus also talked about the lead single in the interview; “It’s got that great AC/DC vibe about it, great swagger, and a good AC/DC rock & roll chant. The title is a little bit cheeky because we all like a little nip (of alcohol) in the night or a few shots in the dark. I was very glad when the record company heard it (that) they felt it was a very strong song and should be the first one that people hear.”

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“Shot in the Dark” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song is all about a good time. The first verse tells us how the singer is in need of a happy pill. His usual go-to medicine for this mood is a shot of alcohol. However, he can also do with a shot of love from his tattooed wild lady friend. The singer says he has an appetite like a mountain lion for love. But this could also be an undying hunger for music.

In the pre-chorus of the song, things heat up. The singer talks about a long night of ‘pumping’ which is slang for sex. However, this can be generalized towards life as well. Life is a long road and it requires a lot of energy to face everything thrown towards you and still keep moving. Every move we make is a ‘shot’ towards our success in the unknown darkness that is life. The ‘right position’ references to the sex positions as well as finding your passion in life to move forward. If your work is your passion, it will never feel like ‘work’ which would make life so much easy.

The chorus of the song continues with the intertwined themes of sex and life in general. AC/DC sing about sipping on some alcohol at night as an energy boost and a mood-fixer. The band summarizes;

A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park, yeah

The second verse sounds more in tune with AC/DC’s life. The band has conquered it all–radio, television, newspapers, billboards, concerts, fans, and the music industry. Whilst the band must have had an epic journey in their five-decade career, they also invite all of us to have a blast–all night long.

“Shot in the Dark” is the classic AC/DC vibe 2020 was lacking. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

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One thought on “AC/DC – Shot in the Dark | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. It does sound like what would be expected from the iconic rock band. They sound good. I am a little surprised that Brian Johnson is signing lead with his hearing issues. Wonder if they plan any live concerts to support the album? A lot of fans were waiting for this album to be released. I think they did a good job.

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