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NF – CLOUDS | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Rapper NF is back with his first release in 2021; a single off of his upcoming album. Titled, “Clouds,” the single discusses his success in the industry and emphasizes the fact that he will never be a sellout in celebrity business.

“Clouds” single follows NF’s October 2020 release “Chasing_(Demo),” all of which will be part of the album ‘CLOUDS (The Mixtape)’ dropping in March 2020.

In “Clouds,” NF stresses how he is different from everyone out there; not to flex his riches, but to rather step away from the generic mold of ‘rich rappers’ in the industry. NF promises that he will not be a puppet of Hollywood.

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“Clouds” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

NF starts off the song by mentioning that he was not meant to be releasing a mixtape. Instead, he wanted to release a full-length album but the conditions in the world right now may have prompted him to scratch the project and release what he has ready.

NF proceeds to rap about how his work ethic and skill separates him from the rest; “I stay committed, embrace the rigid.” Next, he lays down a few impossible things such as doing a headstand with a broken neck and Bill Gates not being able to pay rent, to emphasize the idea that his work is unbelievable and inconceivable.

In the meantime, NF elaborates on how he deviates from the generic rapper mold of the music industry. He has no Rolex wristwatches to flex, no golden chains around his neck, he is not sipping on codeine, and most of all he is not drowning in women! But he has good compensation to make up for this–his music skills.

The word ‘Hollywood’ may symbolize one of the most elite movie industries in the world. But the baggage it hides behind is not pretty at all. There are many horror stories behind the curtains of Hollywood and it spills over to the music industry as well. NF says that he will never fit into the framework of Hollywood and what it stands for.

NF’s secret recipe for success has been; “Followed my gut, I’m happy I did it.” He ends the song not saying where his head is. He does not have to mention it because it is already said in the title of the song. Despite rising to the top, he still stays humble, down to the earth!

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